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Fennec Fox as Pet Animal


Fennec fox is the smallest breed of foxes and well know due to its big ear features. This king of fox mostly founded in Africa, and Sahara desert. Fennec fox make good pet as other domestic animal and become friendlier with their owner. Some time fennec fox also called with desert fox name and are the favorite member of canine family. If you also like to enjoy with fennec fox as a pet the knowledge about their life you must know. For this purpose here we familiarized with you fennec fox habit, behavior, food, features, appearance, breeding.



It you want to make compare of fennec fox with other pet like dog and cats then it not wrong. According to traits fennec fox are very common like other pet. This breed of foxes is closely to cat personality and movement. For becoming the active and energetic fennec fox take round about 15% time duration of their life. If you want to know about fennec fox active ability these wonderfully take just 20% in one day time duration for look active and other time spend in sleeping.



Like other pet animal fennec for have friendly behavior with their owner. These are so intelligent and active or take part in different types of activities. But fennec fox become angry when you disturb them.

Body Features:


Fennec fox body weight is just 2.3 ponds. Their skin is filling with soft and thick fur with some black color marks on tail and back. These are clean animal and take little time to understand you.

Life Span:


Fennec fox can enjoy life for 12 years.



Fennec fox as pet animal like to eating different things likes insect, fruit, plants, and reptiles, rodent. Recommended diet for fennes for includes vegetable, raw meat, and other food that have multiple vitamin.



As fennec fox well known due to its dug sand feature like to live in open place. It make a dug up to i20 meter square form and then make sleep in with their soft skin. Fennec for feel high comfortable and relax in dug.



Fennec fox give 5 to 6 baby birth after taking 52 days time period. Baby of fennec fox drink milk round about 5 week and then have ability to eat other food. Fennec fox babies skin tone in gray color when they take birth.

Health and Care:


Fennec fox can live in 65 to 80 degree temperature. But if you want to go fennec fox outdoor then must wear them a cloth completely. Fennec fox highly need to live out of cage. These breed of foxes like more people company. If you not entertain your pet fennec fox then it will go in dug and make noise in night time.

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