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It Feels Great to Keep Wolf as Pets


Most of genetic and physical similarities seem between dogs and wolves but it doesn’t means that wolves also domesticated like dog. Wolves have different behaviors and personality. Most people dreamed to keep is wolves or hybrid wolf dog in homes due to their beauty. They proximately closed from dog but they are not dogs. It’s crazy thought to keep them as pet. Some adventurous take it adventure to captivate this majestic animal. It feels a fantasy to breed a wolf or hybrid wolf dogs and sound great! Now in these days wolves also keep as pet of working animal in homes yet very rare.



Wolves are exotic animals that have wild nature. Hybrid wolves also assume as wolf breed from domestic dog and wild wolf. Wolf are not submissive and bred to assist humans like domesticated dogs who are bred as pet dog from 10,000 years ago. Wolf is goo pet if tamed   when they are puppies but you cannot finish   instinctual behaviors. Wild life researcher say that wolf who live in captivity avoid making an eye-contact with humans, just doing with their owner that shows their shy personality. Wolfs are socially connected with human. They show aggressive behaviors when necessary. Be careful while treating you wolf as if you come too closer then they may bite you. Tamed wolf are not trustworthy pet as dogs because they have highly strung and aggressive personality that is greater threat for humans. They treat humans just like they treat other wolves. They do not know other terms for friendly interaction. Tamed dog just behave like domestic dog their living, handling is same as dogs. Avoid any mistakes it‘s dangerous for you.

Law and Regulation:


Wolf are wild nature have threat from them that why it ownership required legal approval for local or wild life authority. Wolves are legal to keep as pet in united state but it also ban in different region to keep wolves in private ownership.   You have to take permission or license for local state.   Carefully read laws and regulation before adopting wolf as pet.

Considering Cost:

Wolf and hybrid wolves dogs are expensive animals that domestic dogs.   You have to need enough money to buy a wolf about $1500 or more if you live in United State. Be careful while going to purchase a wolf as pet because some wolf seller sell hybrid or other dogs as wolf. Purchasing a fake wolf is not just dropping thousands of dollars.

How to Rear a Wolf Puppy:


If you desired to captivate a wolf than takes it puppy at the age of 14 days to 21 days but not after 21 days. Socialize wolf puppies with dog pubs as they respond like dog. When they are 19 days old they start to socialization with pubs and opposed to dogs within 16 week. Keep away wolfs puppies form adults canines. They behave abnormally if they breed without other wolf.

Wolf Training:


Wolf is extremely intelligent and quick learner. They need lot of training to make good and suitable companion. It takes lot of time and efforts but have great results. They need affectionate and patience while training. They do not show tractability and required extra work to obtain degree of reliability. Frequently or repeated common make it bore that why they do not follow or ignore these commands. They are more responsive if you trained them with positive conditioning and reward theory.

Living Conditions:


Wolf needs strong and unbreakable enclosure as they   roam. Hop fences and dig floor to make way out of yard. It’s little dangerous and harmful for neighbors and other pet animals. Choose dig proof flooring areas to keep wolf as pet. They also break chain that why larger and break free enclosure id best for them. They also need plenty of space to play and run.


Wolf is carnivores live on meat. Dry foods are not good for wolfs and HC hybrid wolf dogs. They need about 2-5 pound meat in daily diet.

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