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Fact about Kinkajou as Pet

The kinkajou is rainforest mammal and also well known with honey bear name. These are endangered mammal and have strict nocturnal habit. These look like monkey but not closely related to them. Kinkajou native areas are South America and Central America. You can enjoy kinkajous as an exotic pet.



Short hair are covered the kinkajou body with long tail. For climbing over the tree kinkajou use their paws. The body size of kinkajou is 16 o 25 inches which can change in different species. Body weight that enjoys mammal’s kinkajous is up to 8 pounds.

Life Duration:


Kinkajous can enjoy their life span for 23 years. The maximum record of their life is 41 years round about.



Kinkajous have sharp teeth that help them to eat hard feed. These are including in omnivorous group because kinkajous like to eat figs like fruit. Soft feed they can eat through their paws. Flowers, leaves, herbs are other diet that play important role in their diet.



If you keep kinkajou as pa pet in their earlier age then they make quiet tame. They are so active and like to go into the things. If you not care of them they make their body messy. Kinkajou are become quiet when their search their food. Sometime they make soft huffing and whistling. Shrill shrike like sound is so loud that kinkajou make when they see any dog.



For pet kinkajou you need large cage with need of shelves, and rope for climbing. Lots of playing activities and taking exercise especially need of kinkajou to keep health. Fill the cage with soft cotton, sturdy branches of tree and addition of toys. You can also enjoy a wooden box for kinkajou live but it become difficult to clean.

Health and Care:


On yearly base you must make check up the pet kinkajou to veterinary doctor. Vaccination period of kinkajous start up 6-to 13 weeks old and then repeat after 3 to 4 week. Their nails are so sharp so prevent to their nail trimming them but don’t cut to short. Keep their teeth otherwise need of dental become necessary.



Kinkajou takes at least 98 to 120 days gestation period. They give new born baby birth in hollow trunk. Mother kinkajou keeps proper diet to their new born baby. Baby kinkajou opens their eyes within seven days and after passing 2.2 years they come at the maturity level.

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