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Essential Oils Safe or Toxic for Your Pet Cat


Cat is affectionate and playful four leg friend. You enjoy good time with. Care about your feline if you love more while picking essential oil for cat. Cat are too sensitive about synthetic produces even are natural or not. Cat is badly affected with essential oil just like doge. These oils are beneficial for human but proved injurious for cat because cat liver doesn’t able to eliminate extra hydrocarbons and terpenoids inhale cat body through essential oil consumptions.

Toxic essential oil may causes to kidney damages, vomiting, liver damages, skin allergies and other serious illness that lead to death. Cat are too sensitive than human, horses and even from dogs. Cautions requite while using essential oil. Being a responsible pet owner it our durty to keep out feline away from those essential declared harmful.

Is all Essential oils toxic or not?

Is all essential oil is harmful for cat? This is the question wake up in mind after reading essential oil side effects over cats.  Not all but those which contain phenol and monoterpene hydrocarbons assume dangerous. Phenol can affect skin, eyes and respiratory system.

Essential oils toxic for cat:

2 essential oil and cat (5)

•    Cinnamon
•    Lemon
•    Teatree
•    calamus
•    Clove
•    Bergamot
•    Orange
•    Cypress
•    Garlic
•    Spruce
•    Chenopodium
•    Mustered
•    Pine
•    Winter green
•    Rosemary
•    Oregano
•    Line
•    Melaleuca

 Essential oils safe for cats:

3 essential oil and cat (3)

Essential oil are blessing of God used to cure certain health issues. These oils are good for humans but trigger toxic reactions in our pet especially cats.   Here we enlist those essential oils safe for pet cats.

Cedar wood oil:

It’s beneficial oil for feline which protects cat from flea infections if you add few drop of cedar wood oil in to their collar.


Chamomile oil is effective for cats. It’s for cat relaxations and healthy sleep.


Myrrh helps in fighting allergies which badly affect skin and cat coats.


It good for cat ear infection treatment

Carrot seeds:

It also considers best for skin treatment especially cat dry skins.


Use to give pain relief to pet cat.


Ginger is natural home remedy perfect for arthritis pain reliefs and also good for health digestion.

Clary sage:

Treat pet repelling from Excitability and nervousness.


It deals well during separation anxiety.  It effective remedies to get rid from cat smells.


Skin irritations and allergies can treat with marjoram oil.


Peppermint is best for arthritis and hip dysplasia

Cautions to follow if you use essential oils:

4 essential oil and cat (1)

If you are going to you essential oil either toxic or not   for your pet. You have o follow certain precautions to protect you pet cat for unexpected emergencies.
•    Keep pet cat away from essential oils
•    Store oil where cat can’t able to reach.
•    Be careful about oil placement. Quickly clean that space where you diffuse essential oils
•    Stay away from your pet if you apply essential oil that toxic for cat.
•    Never use essential oils about which you have not ideas ether they are beneficial or not.
•    Don’t need to clean cat properties with essential oils.
•    Keep emergency kit ready to treat unexpected situations of oil dilution.
•    Don’t leave dished or bowl in which you use essential oils because cat lick anything.


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