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English setter As Friendly “Family Companion” Dog



English setter is the long beautiful gundog. It is known as hunting dog. But now a day’s people keep as family companion. It is the friendly and family protective dog. This dog bread is come in England in early 1800s. English setter dog are also called Laverack setters, lawerack and laverack. This dog bread can popular for people and keep as pet in home setting.

Life span:

Their approximately life span is 10 to 12 years.

Physical appearance:


English setter is the medium size long lean coated dog.  This dog skull is in oval shaped. Their nose is in black or brown colored which having wide nostrils.  Their eyes are also is dark brown colored with large size. Their ears are also set with back side with down hanging style and silky haired covering. Their muzzles re also long and square in shape.  This dog bread is also having long thicker base with silky feathering tail.

Coat color:

English setter dog is also having long straight and wavy coat with white and blue, lemon, brown orange and many other colors. This dog bread is also having tricolor such as blue white and brown.


English setter dog is also having 45 to 80 pounds.


English setter dog height is 24 to 25 inches till shoulder.



English setter is the friendly and quiet nature dog. This sociable dog can affectionate their owner and their family member. It can adjust in hot and cold weather comfortably. They can also adequate watch dog.  They are energetic dog and also like to dig. They are also good jumper dog. Calm, natured dog bread is easily to keep as pet in home setting. As their name English setter dog can look in seated position. This positive natured dog is suitable as family pet. So, you may also keep as pet.



English setter dog is very energetic dog and also need plenty of exercise. When you can keep as pet they daily walk and exercise must be provided for their energetic body.



English setter is also having medium coat that can need for grooming. Regular brushing on their soft and flat coat is must for their beauty. When you can keep as pet then give bath your puppy when it can necessary. Dry shampoo is used for bathing.  Trim their nails and feet hairs that can irritate for walking. This dog bread is average shedder so when they can shed then extra care of their puppy.

Litter size:


English setter is also having 6 puppies in one time.



This dog is outdoor living dog they can t like in indoor setting. When you can keep as pet then keep in average size yard for their living.

Health and care:


English setter dogs basically a healthy dog but they can fell in some diseases such as hip dysplasia hypothyroidism and many other diseases. When you can keep as pet then notice for their diseases and take away for their veterinary doctor. Treat well their disease till their health.
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