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English Lop Rabbit as a Pet

Long Fluffy Ear English Lop Rabbit Life Fact


English lop rabbit are social animal. In 19th century domestic rabbit was develop in England. Lop rabbit are common due to white fur on neck, face, shoulder, and feet. Serene black personality of lop rabbit define the in cute and great pet choice. If you provide everything your English lop rabbit happily around your house. Dramatically demand of lop rabbit increase day by day. Here we best describe the life of English lop rabbit for your more help.

Main Body Colors:


English lop rabbit are born into white, black, blue, orange, golden fawn and other solid colors tones.



Average weight of lop rabbit is 11 pounds. English lop rabbit are commonly known by it’s lop ears, large body with head and live at least 5 years. Long slim rabbit are 22 inches long and ear length drop down after 5 month. Smooth short layer of coat with long ear give lovely soft touch in their appearance. Wide nose of lop rabbit with stronger shoulder are final result of deep body outlook.



Lop rabbit have playful friendly personality. Like other animals rabbit also become fearful if you stressed them. Generally pet rabbit make best animal their owner amazingly handle them. English loop rabbit are great selection of pet for children.



Due to long ear of lop rabbit ear like infection come down in these animal. To avoid ear infection keep care of your rabbit ear and clean them on regularly bases or in serious cases check up to vet. Trimming of lop rabbit nail that prevent them to take any serious affect. English rabbit have soft feet with log teeth. Their teeth continually grown and if exceed to limit then will create problem.



Keep your pet English lop rabbit inside the home, otherwise it will get cold and become ill. Train your rabbit in relax mood. Whenever you want to take your pet rabbit out door the place where you are going must be water proof. Fresh hay will be best suited for lop rabbit and other fruit, vegetables and grass. Hay in which high amount of calories, protein, calcium add should be reserve from young kits because it will not suitable for their kidney.



Best female English lop rabbit is known with high amount of milk, and best mental sense. Female are giving birth 5 to 12 babies at a time and take gestation period of 28 to 35 days. Kits take birth with normal size of ear and afterward each week size of ear will grow. You should give more care to kits at the start days.


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