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Easy-Going American foxhound As Pet

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American foxhound are true scent house has incredible smelling sense. They generally bred for hunting purpose but you have enjoyed its companionship as a pet. They are low maintenance and easy going dog work best as watchdog. You can feel good with American foxhound in each situation.


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American foxhound has known as the cousin of English foxhound that why have similar characteristic. Both are best for hunting, tracking and agility yet American foxhound is faster and active than English hounds that also recognized as descended of foxhound. In 1650 English hounds brought in America and bred with French Hound that results in American hound have characteristic of both dogs. !886 is year of American foxhound reorganization by American Kennel Club.

Other name:


Life span:

Average life expectancy of dog is about 10-12 years.

Litter size:

Average 1-12 puppies

Physical appearance:

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American foxhound is medium size dog breed 21-25 inches higher in lengths with 65-75 pound weights.  Slender and taller body structure gives it strength and power to run fast. They have excellent sense of smelling that help to prey foxes. Longer and straight front leg give it handsome and stronger look, wide set larger eyes look attractive on  dome shape skull. Short-hair stronger coat is in black, white and tan combination with any color.

They sounds are louder but like musical sounds. Straight Muzzles, larger ear, hazel or brown eyes laid back shoulder curved long tails and fox-like feet are prominent physical characteristic able you recognize the dog properly


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American foxhound are affectionate, friendly, playful and sweet nature dog breed stay calm and peaceful in home but you can see it brave and docile nature behavior in the field. They are active and energetic dog perform guarding, working and hunting task very well. American foxhound is hunting breed used to hunt foxes. They show protective behaviors toward children and its owner.

Living condition:

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Basically American foxhounds are hunting dog stay happy in larger spaces especially in countryside area.  They are also suitable for smaller homes having larger yards. Medium adaptability features make it able to stay in apartment. They easily adjust in apartments with moderate exercise.  They can stay well in hot and cold conditions.


American foxhound is average healthier breed g faced genetic health problems. Hip dysplasia, bone disorder is common health concern as well as ear infections. Platelet disorders, Pelger-huet anomaly are major health problems need proper treatment.


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American foxhound is easy going dog breed have stronger and smooth short-hair coat. They are average shedding dog need less maintenance. Just comb their brush with strong bristle brush regularly. Clean their coat with damp wet cloth if you feel it coat id become dirty.  Shampoo and bath is best when necessary or give it occasionally.


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American foxhound are committed, energetic, active and alert dog breed need lot of exercise to maintain it physical and mantel health. Excess exercise keeps the body structure in good form. They quickly gain weights that way they need regular exercise which burn their extra calories and keep the body fit and healthy. Involve them in indoor and outdoor game to best results.


American foxhound are active and intelligent dog breed fulfill commitment that he with w their owner. They learn quickly with packed leadership. Household training is necessary for American foxhound pack they have pack hunting background. Patience, time and skills required to train American foxhound.


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