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Double Coated Keeshond as Loyal Pet

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Medium sized double layered ruff coated dog bread is also well known as watch dog.  Basically Keeshond dog bread is originated in German. They can belong to German spitz dog bread. Basically it is called German spitz and wolf spitz but in 1926 changed their name as Keeshond in England.

Other name:

•    Kees
•    German spitz
•    German wolfspitz
•    Dutch barge dog


Germany, Netherlands.

Life span:

Keeshond dog average life span is 13 to 15 years.

Physical appearance:

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Medium sized Keeshond dog bread is having double coat layer. As their appearance this dog having expressive face with wedge shaped head. They can also having dark shade medium sized eyes. High set triangular ears are also looking pretty on their appearance.

They can also having over the back medium sized tail. They can also having well rounded feet with strong and powerful abilities. They can also having straight harsh long outer coat. As a whole this pretty dog is looking beautiful so, people can keep as pet.

Height and weight:

Their average height is 43 to 46 cm and weight is 14 to 18 kg.

Coat color:

Keeshond dogs are available in Grey and black, black and silver, grey cream and black coat color.

Personality traits:

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Obedient and intelligent Keeshond dog bread is excellent pet. As their personality they are calm playful active sturdy natured dog bread. They can good with their owner children. They can also live well with other pets. They are very intelligent dog bread so, they are easily trainable.

They can also love with their owner and their family members. They are excellent watch dog because they can give warning any kind of danger.


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Keeshond dog bread is needed to daily long walk. They can also love to running in open safe area. So, they can require fenced yard in home setting.  They can also active in indoor setting of your home. When you can keep as pet then take care about their daily walk and stimulating exercise.



Keeshond having double coat so, they required daily brushing on their long heavy coat. Their double coat can save sun burning and insect infection. So, take care about their grooming. Daily brushing is needed for keep neat and clean. Bathing or dry shampoo is applied on their coat when necessary. So, take care about their grooming regularly.

Living condition:

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They can require indoor housing with cool climate. When you can keep as pet then take acre about their housing or atmosphere. Small yard is also required for living in outdoor setting.


Keeshond can recommend 1 to 2 cup of high quality dry food so; take care about their diet for their health life. When you can keep as pet then give high quality dry food in to two meals in a day.

Litter size:

Their average litter size is 3 to 8 puppies.

Health issues:

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Keeshond dog can suffer Hip dysplasia heart disease and skin problems so, take acre about them and take away from their veterinary doctor and treat well quickly.
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