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Dog Summer Winter Apparel

Today in this post we share dog appear with you. You need to cover your dog body to keep safe from cool and hot weather condition. In dog apparel coat, shoes, tie, bow tie and many other cloths are including. Get best idea and enjoy with your pet dog. Go through the page!

Dog pant:


You can keep your furry friend warm up in winter with above image idea. Owner of dog know that the only things make worse their pet that is their apparel. You can wear your furry puppy pant dressing with top belt. Pant come on half body of the dog that band from top with belt.   Blue color dressing with white furry of dog is give cute look beauty.

Wool Slate Tweed Coat:


Slate tweed coat is sewed with wool material. Sleeveless coat has collar neckline that end on tail. Belt button give fancy look to dog coat from back. Wear the coat to your puppy with front button down closing. American expert crafted the dog wool tweed coat. In winter season dot coat give cozy feelings.

Dog Hand Knitted Dachshund Sweater:


A warm sweater knitted with acrylic wool. Yellow and black stripes give impressive look on the dog body. Always soak the wool sweater with cold water when it becomes dirty. Hand knitted dachshund sweater wear the dog in head to tail. Yu dog will remain warm in cool weather condition.

 Functional look dog apparel:


You can enjoy functional look apparel to your puppy on special day. Silk bow in dog neck give cute beauty. You can easily wear the bow tie to your puppy. Simply band the bow in dog neck with silk strip or any rope.  Clean and pretty beauty of dog will show and other will much impress.

Bow Style Head Pin:


Pink color cartoon print head ribbon wears the dog on head. If your dog has long hair you can keep them cool with ear pony tail. Best summer idea of bow style head pin is show interesting look. On every day bases you can make your dog hair style with its long furry hair.

Paws Rugged Dog Shoes:


Ultra paws rugged dog shoes are great when you want run with your dog at outdoor place. You can give best exercise to your puppy with boots. After wearing the boots your dog paws will remain safe from dust and any other injury. Buy the dog paws rugged boots from dog apparel store.

Dog Tie:


Handmade stocking stuffers dog tie give him office look. Chest length dog tie in red color make cute impact on its beauty. Excellent stocking tie sewed with cotton fabric. Dog owner can enjoy puppy in office with uniform look. You first give full training to your puppy when you want to go with its in gathering.

Baseball Hat:


You can keep safe your dog from sun heat in summer days with right selection of baseball hat. With dog hat fabric strips are sewed that hold down the hat on the dog hat. Band the strip under the neck that come at forehead and cover the eyes of dog. Jeans fabric utilize in base ball dog hat.

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