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Doberman pinscher as Intelligent Pet




Doberman pinscher is the loyal and energetic medium to large sized domestic dog. They belong to Germany. It is also well known as athletic bread. Their coat is short smooth and hard. It is active and muscular powerful dog. It is more intelligent dog. It can also alert and active dog so on the basis of their characteristics people keep as pet.

Life span:

Their life span is approximately 10 to 13 years.

Physical appearance:


Doberman pinscher is the medium sized dog that can be featured with square. Their top skull is flat 2with long head. They can also having almond shaped eyes with in dark brown colored. Their ear sometime naturally stands up and some tome taped for few mounth and make standing ear. Sometime naturally their ear stands and look like a hounds. Their chest is also broad and their leg is sleek straight. Their tail is also docked. Their male body weight is also 34 to 45 kg and female weight is also 27 to 41 kg. Their male body height is 66 to 72 cm and female height is also 61 to 68 cm.

Coat colors:


Their body coat is in many colors such as black, brown fawn and blue.



Doberman pinscher is more active and intelligent dogs. Usually, they can consider as working dog. They are loyal and fun loving to their owner and their family. They can have good temperament but sometime they can lose their temperament due to heredity training and socialization problems. They are affectionate with owner family. so, people like it and keep as pet.



Doberman pinscher is the intelligent and good trainer dogs. They can easily and quickly follow the instructions of their owner. Human are leaders of these dogs. They are also guard and watch dogs. They can’t need extra attention of training. They can follow their owner according to their temperament.



Doberman pinscher also needs plenty of exercise. They can have good stamina for exercise. They can also need daily walk. When you keep as pet then take care of their daily walk in outdoor setting.



 They are good looking dog. They can also need little grooming and average shedder. Brush the teeth twice in a week for good health. Basically they are clean dog they can frequently bathing need.



They can require 2.5 to 3.5 up of high quality dry food on daily basis. When you keep as pet then take care of their food.



They are sensitive to cold dog. Basically Doberman pinscher is indoor dog. They also need average sized back yard of the house.

Health and care:


Basically Doberman pinscher is healthy dog but they can prey such disease like prone to skin problem, inherited blood disorder, congenital heart disease hip dysplasia and so on. When they can fell in these diseases then take care of them and take away from veterinary doctor.

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