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How to Diy Sweatshirt/Sweater Bed for Pet


Do you love pet and try to do something special for it?  Try these interesting diy projects which allow comfortable bedding to your pet who are allergic from tent of condo houses. We always try to bring creating thing for you. This diy sweet shirt or sweater crafted bed keep pet happier. It also inexpensive solution does not let any burden on your pocket. Just search out an old sweatshirt or sweater from closet, still in good condition, fluffy pillow and other stuff to create funny bed as you pet cat or dog enjoy pleasant sleep. Join us to learn about easy diy bed crafting.

Green sweatshirt dog bed:




First of all collect all related material to this project. Check the following list:

•    Perused Sweatshirt
•    Baby blanket or other stuff (cotton, useless cloth pieces is soft scraps, polyester, socks)
•    Pillow/ cushion
•    Colorful flap
•    Thread and yarn
•    Sewing needle
•    Pins
•    Scissors

Step 1:

Find most comfortable space either floor or table and set alls supplies enlist above

Step 2:


Fist we have to turn the sweatshirt or sweater inside out direction as we have to take initial step of sewing collar edges, gather both side of collar and sew it with needle. You can perform this process through sewing machine yet it quite difficult if you choose bulky shirt. Make sure you let small space without sewing as latter we have to use it.

Step 3:


Now it time to stitch waist by making straight line from one armpit to other, to make the base of pet bed, as it close the way along the neckline and shoulders.

Step 4:


Now stitch the sweater sleeve along the body in a way that it transforms circular shape, first give shape by applying pin and then sew it with thread as shown in the photo. Leave because we have to use it for filling.



Roll up the baby blanket (you can use yarn, cloth pieces, chopped fabric leftovers, and socks) and pass it through the cuff form one cuff to another. It will create an edge of the bed.



Insert pillow to fill the belly.  If you want ease in cleaning this bed then its advice apply to make zipper enclosure on the waist. It will allow you to bring out pillow and comfort in washing. Sew both ends of the waist nicely after filling cushion stuff.

Step 7:


Now it times to stitch both cuff together at the point where they combine together.

Step 8:


Give finishing touch by stitching extra fabric flap around the cuff. It would convey neat finishing to pet diy bed.
See following pick to fine other way to make diy pet bed.

Grey oversize sweater pet dog bed:


Turtle neck sweater cat bed:


Homemade sweatshirt cat bed:

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