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Damascene Goats as Useful Pet on Home or Farm Setting



Damascene goat is popular bread that can originate from Syria and Lebanon. This goat is also known as “Damascus” goat. It is the best choice of livestock because it can most popular for milk and meat. It can also good bread goat. Damascene goat can also win the prize of “Most beautiful Goat”. It can also famous as Shami, Chami, Halep and Baladi.

Physical appearance:


Damascene goat is also having sticking features as their look. Their head is unique shaped and also having expressive eyes. This goat is also having long and graceful pendulous ears. Their body coat hair is also long. Their neck and legs are also long. Their body coat is red brown colored. It can popularize as brownish coat color goat. Now his goat is also found in beige wit grey colored, white with darker color. As their beauty and characteristics people are like to it and keep as pet on their home and farm setting.


Male height is 80 cm and female height is 60 cm.


Buck goat weight is 70- 90 kg and doe weight is also50- 60 kg.



Damascene goat is also having most popular characteristics which based people keep as pet.
•    It is most popular for milk and meat production.
•    This goat is also having one of the most important purposes as their fine hair leather for production.
•    Most of goat can give three to four kids at one pregnancy.
•    Their milk is easily digested.
•    This goat is famous as their noble obedience and sticking characteristics.
•    It can also popularize as quiet and gentle nature.
•    Damascene goat is also known as cross bread goat.
•    Does are more delicate as bucks.
•    It can also one of the most important characteristic of this bread they can tolerate any type of environment conditions.

Living conditions:


Damascene goat is a domestic goat. As their noble quiet gentle nature people are like it and keep as family members in home. Most of breeders can also keep as livestock in form setting. For their milk and meat production increase it can keep in farm setting for proper take care. If you can care of their feeding and living then ratio of milk and meat is also increase. This multipurpose beautiful and their nature people most of like it and keep as pet.

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