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Cymric Long Haired ‘’Gentle Cat’’ As Pet

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image002 - Copy - CopyCymric cat is medium sized strong boned domestic cat. It can originate from Canada. Cymric cat is simple semi-long haired cat. Cymric cat is gentle and loyal cat. On the basis of their loyalty people can keep as pet. This cat is also known as different names. Happy cat is looking beautiful when you can own Cymric cat as pet then take care of their pet cat.

Life span:

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Cymric cat average life span is 10 to 15 years.

Physical appearance:

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Cymric cat is medium sized strong bone cat. Their body is cobby and as their appearance they can look rounded. Their head is also round shaped which having full round eyes, round rumps and rocker shaped ears. They can have small stump of tail. Their kitten can born full tail or may be half tail. Cymric cat is also having thick and dense double coat which long hairs.

Body weight:

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Cymric cat body weight approximately 8 to 15 pounds.

Coat color:

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Cymric cat coat color is white, orange, brown, calico and tortoiseshell.

Personality traits:

Cymric cat is the fun-loving and playful cat. These cats are sociable and good for their owner and other pets. They can loyal with their owner and known as watch cat. They can take care of any danger from their owner and their property. They can enjoy with their owner and spend their most of time with owner and their family members. They can easily learn tricks. These are non aggressive and not over demanding cat. So you may also keep as pert in their home interior.


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Cymric cat is strong muscular bodice cat. They need plenty of exercise. They are very playful cat so, provide jumping and climbing. When you can keep as pet then provide space for playing jumping and climbing.


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Cymric cat is long haired cat so their grooming is necessary. Brushing and combing can on their long hairs for removing dead hairs. Tooth brushing is also necessary for save any kind of dental problems. Wipe their ears eyes and their full body for cleaning.

Living condition:


Cymric cat is the domestic cat so they live in indoor setting with their owner. Their pet housing in settled in indoor setting. Some cats are also live with their owner bed.

Health and care:

Cymric cat is basically a healthy cat. But they fell some health problems. Most of problems can occur due to genetics. Manx syndromes, corneal dystrophy, arthritis of tail bone problems face the cat. So, take care of them.

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