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Cute Squirrels-Like Sugar Gliders-As Pet

Sugar gliders are cute and loving pets are small in size belongs to mammalian class.  Sugar gliders are petauridae member also known as flying sugar or Petaurus Breviceps due to their gliding ability in air. These short headed robe dancer originating from Australia and New Guinea.  Sugar gliders were officially introduces in 1830s in Tasmania. Sugar gliders also find in Indonesian surrounding islands. Wood forest and rainfalls rich of food sources are habitation of Sugar gliders.

Physical appearance

Sugar gliders are in 16-20 cm long when tend reached at mature life. Long bushy tails which are also 20 cm long make it cuter. These Squirrels like breed are founded in different colors as blue-grey, yellow and tan and have black strips over node and back midway.  Tick and soft fur coat Sugar gliders have cream belly, throat and chest. Larger eyes make it able to see at night while swivel ears able it to recognize prey in dark.


Sugar gliders are nocturnal and omnivore animal. They sleep throughout the day are woke up at night. These animals have flawless gliding and torpor abilities which make it favorite pet animal. It bears higher air pressure and has unbelievable hearing abilities as they recognized prey in dark. Sugars gliders are socialized animal live in colony but also live with couples.  Teamed and untamed Sugar gliders are available in markets.  Well socialized Sugar gliders best as cuddly pet yet others are more need patience and time to train.  It’s an active and playful animal need plenty of time and lot of interaction from their owners.  These pet feel happing in riding around owner pockets they also love to hand between two shirts layered by you.   Sugar gliders have sharper teeth used to crush nuts but use for biting if feels threat.  These playful, affectionate and gentle Sugar gliders do not show response against rewarding or punching.


Sugar gliders like to live in wider space need more space for lumping and leaping so choose larger size cage for your pet.  Periods plenty of toys, nest box, glider pouch   for playing and climbing.   They also make fun to gliding over branches, ropes and ladders.

Health and care

Sugar gliders are clean and gentle creation feels comfort in clean and odorless spaces. They also need proper grooming. They have long and sharp nails which consistently grow need trimming otherwise they may hurt you. Sugar gliders have to face back leg paralysis which easily prevented by providing vitamin D and E.  Constipation problem also find in Sugar gliders due to nuts and seeds feeding.


As we know Sugar gliders are omnivores eat both plants and meats.  Fruits, nuts, nectar, eggs, small birds and insects are it favorite foods. Mealworms, waxworms, moths and spiders are best insects for sugar gliders.


Climbing and gliding over tree and branches are perfect exercised for sugar glider. Permit enough space to do their activities as they best know about their exercised needs.

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