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Cute Manx cat as Pet


Manx cat is domesticated cat breed, developed due to a mutation with short tail naturally. Round head, longer hind legs and tail are distinctive features of this cat. Its excellent cat breed born with a stub tail off without tail. This cat amazingly maintains her balance without tail. These cats are higher suitability toward children, other cat and pets. It affectionate and lovely cat provide cheerful company it its owner.



If look back to know the history and origin of this lovely cat then few surprising facts meets to us. There are lots of stories about the development of this domestic naturally mutated cat. Some assume tail of this cat chopped accidently when Noah closed the door of ark. Here is another story according to which this tail less cat find on the ashore come through the Spanish Armanda earlier 16s.

Manx cat is a result of natural genetic mutation cased but inbreeding with British shorthair cat. Dominate gene  become major reason of this body mutation of spine which results long tail, tail less and any length between  these extreme condition.  True Manx also call Rump have no tails. It’s just having a tuft of hair in place of tail grown from the rump.  Riser or rump raiser, stumpy, stubby or short tail and longy are different varieties of this cat.
Manx cat known years ago but it firstly recognized in late 1800 when it become a part of cat show. It also rewarded as the first cat breed recognized by The Cat Fanciers’ Association.


Other name:


Life span:

Average life expectancy of Manx cat is about 10-12 years.

Litter size:

Average 2-4 kitten in a litter size.

Physical description:


Manx cat has greater similarities with British shorthair cat when we compare their physical appearance except the tail. Round head that also larger in size having visible round cheeks, smaller nose, larger round eyes. Long neck, broader chest, sloppy shoulder and large hind leg make firm body structure.  It has rabbit like shape because hind legs longer than fore legs.

There are found in both coat longhair or short hair coat but all cats have a thicker double layer coat.  Short hair Manx cat has mushy, dense coat which also know as original breed while longer hair cat has silk medium coat.  Coat colors vary according to the cat type. These cat found in combinations of colors and marking.  Cat eyes color also vary according to the coat colors. Manx cat weighted between 7-13 pounds.



Gentle, playful, affectionate and smart cat love live with family. She loves kid and enjoys god time in their company.  These cuddling cats too close to their owners. It’s not wrong to say that Manx are ideal family cat. The make low noise. Obediently live in home and spend most of time in playing with toy. They are fun-loving cat love to play fetch or carry game. Playing in water also keep them happier and energetic.  Manx are excellent jumper. Intelligence is her plus point she love to accept challenges.

Living condition:


Manx cats are perfectly suitable for all owner either kid or adults. They have greater ability to adopt environmental changes. They easily adjust in every life style. It also smart choice for apartment and small home owners. Stay active toward these cats as they are greater expert of opening door by using her paws. They stay bound the member of the family which she likes more yet her show affectionate behavior for other family members especially kids.



Manx cat are medium shedding cat independently groom their coat. It’s easy to groom Manx cat because little effort shows superb result. Just comb or brush her coat twice in a week to remove dead hair and extra skin oils. It’s good for the coat.  Trim nails and clean ear occasionally reveal good effect over her health.  For fresh breath brushes the teeth with vet recommended toothpaste.

Health and care:

Manx cat faces different health problems which causes to the mutation effects. Tailless cats may prone to different spinal problems which recognized after the age of 6 month. Lace of tails damages the development of spinal cord that leads to Manx Syndrome.  It included birth defects, spine bifida, incontinence, and paralysis in hind legs. Birth defects are mostly fetal for these cats. Handles Manx kitten carefully because little mistake generate bigger problems. Manx cat does not require any exercise. Just give extra time to play.



It require balance diets which consist on 70kcals/kg in relation to the body weights throughout the day,  fresh and dry food both good for her but avoid to serve those food item from which cat feel allergic. Obesity is not good for their health so pay attention over their diet plan.
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