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About Cute Loyal European Burmese Cat



Today here we tell you about European Burmese cat life as a pet. Charming, soft and sweet cat best suited for a home due to its loyal nature. The cat is well known as compare to other breed by its wide eyes and top curved line. Medium size cat do love with other animal.

Detail about the cat defines below!

European Burmese Cat History:

Both European and North American Burmese have same ancestor. In 1930 a sailor sold the female cat originally to Dr. joseph of san Francisco.  Walnut brown color, small body Wong Mau was breed to Siamese cat that produce kitten of same shade. Wong Mau was like a Burmese-Siamese cross. Burmese received pedigree status in 1956 and standard breed acceptance in 1959. The European Burmese cap is elegant muscled cat with curving eyes and round appearance.



European Burmese is medium sized cat that body is strong. With long and slim well define muscled it can climb and take jump. Yellow or amber eyes are distinctive and wide shape with top line and short nose. The rounded ears of car are also medium in size. In term of personality it truly loyal and gorgeous cat as pet. Feet of cat are average length rather thin.

Coat Color:


The European Burmese cat found in brown, cream, red, chocolate, lilac, blue, brown-tortie, blue tortoise, lilac tortoise. European cat often display color pointing. This cat coat is silky, soft, glossy, and fine that need occasionally brushing.



People oriented, loving European Burmese cat it loyal and actively involved in different project. These cats choose the favorite member of family and then spread more love around them. Playful cat can live with other cats and dogs. Due to trusting nature these cats like to live indoor.  Cats are great climber so book shelves are not too tall for these.



The European Burmese cat has short silky coat that need occasionally base brushing. You can remove dead and loose hair. Grooming time is quality time that thinks for these cats when these come close to their owner. Bathing for these cats require only when need. Sharp claws of cat should be trimming with clippers.
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