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Clumber spaniel As ‘Imperturbable’ Pet

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Clumber spaniel is a mellow natured dog become popular adoptable dog breeding this dog breed is too easy than other dog breeds. It perfect for you if you looking for imperturbable pet. Clumber spaniel breeds as retriever dog helpful in hunting. They love sport especially they keen of holding two or more tennis ball in mouth. They are obedient, affectionate, intelligent and faithful dogs. You can enjoy their company.


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Clumber spaniel originated from England first breed for fishing and retrieving purposes but now it becomes famous home pet due

Life span:

Average life expectancy is about 10-12 years.

Litter size:

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2-8 puppies, about five puppies in average


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Clumber spaniel has interesting history. There are two different theories behind origin of Clumber spaniel dog breed first one that French Duc De Noaillies prized kennel of spaniel, during French Revolution, to Duke of Newcastle, stay in England, where Alpine Spaniel bred with Basset  that resulting in Pyrenean Mounting Dog which also known as Great Pyrenees. While the second theory define that Clumber spaniel are descendent of old type of Blenheim Spaniel.

First theory is mostly sported by different people due to some evidence prove this theory. Lemon and orange or lemon and brown making Clumber spaniel kept by different British Monache, Prince Albert, King Edward VII, and King George V. Lieutenant Venable was the first British officer who imported Clumber spaniel in North America.

Physical appearance:

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Clumber spaniel are larger size, stronger bone and low high dog breed having massive head with broader muzzles and heavy brow. Brown shaded larger nose are in different color vary from beige it cherry color vary according to coat color. Short leg and wide cheats closer to ground make are visible body features. They have longer and silky coat is in white color while rectangular shade drop ears are in brown color which gives it unique appearance. Small round eyes also surrounded with brown hair. White curly coat with lemon and orange marking Clumber spaniel dog looks playful.


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Highly affectionate Clumber spaniel is very social nicely behave with dogs and other pets. They also assume best family dog due to their sweet attitude with children. Clumber spaniel closely bound to each family member but enjoy the company of that person who give him more favor.  Mostly it knows as stubborn personality stay calm and gentle all the time.  Mostly is assuming that dull dog but actually not. They are gentle and soft nature breed stay calm when they have nothing to do but give complete company during playtime.  Clumber spaniel is good and active learner quickly learns everything. They are not water retriever but know well about swimming. He stays happy while picking different thing in mouth.

Living condition:

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Clumber spaniel spend active live in countryside and farm house areas when they spend more of time in looking for flock and hunting yet they also suitable for apartment and condo living. They need moderate exercise and playing time if use choose apartment living for them. But carry them in lap while move on stair downward or upward especially them they become old. Low bark and quite nature dog is also good option if you neighbor has greater concern at dog barking. Stay them in home or fenced backyard to protect them from theft and losing.


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Clumber spaniel has longer and silkier dog need. Regular coat brushing and coming keeps coat in good position. Seasonal coat trimming I necessary but make sure it is done per expert.  Regular clean eyes, ears and paw to stay him away from infections. Give bath if you feel necessary. Clumber spaniel is heavy shedding dog not appropriate for such owners allergic from dogs.  Proper grooming is good both of you if you really want to breed it.  They also slobber dog drool a lot after drinking and eating. Wash your hand after shaking hands with his paw.


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Clumber spaniel is generally healthier breed it prone to both major and minor diseases. CHD and entrpoin are serious health problems leads you pet to deadly ends if you not give attention toward proper treatment. Intervertebral disc problems, entrpoin, epilepsy, hip and eye as minor health concern related to Clumber spaniel dogs.


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Clumber spaniel is larger dog breed have high energy level stay active  when they live busy all the day yet they need moderate exercise if they live in an apartment. Give extra time to pay with toys and puzzle game.
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