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Chinook Dog ‘Sled Dog’ As Pet

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Chinook dog are sweet, intelligent and affectionate dog breed as working and sled dog. They are social and friendly dog stay good with other pet and show affectionate toward children. You can bring it home as family pet. It sleds dog also recognized as working dog. It‘s appropriate dog breed if you want clean-nature and obedient dog for apartment living.


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Chinook dog is originated in united state and recognized official state dog of New Hampshire.


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Chinook dog is rare dog breed have single ancestor which was born in 1971 and named as “Chinook”. Chinook dog develop through cross breeding of husky with larger tawny mastiff male dog. Chinook is one of three pups having same parents but it has not resemblance with their parents both in physical and behavioral.  He’s excellent sled dog has excellent freighting power and  racing speed then other sled dogs.  1991 UKC officially register Chinook as spread breed while AKC accepted it in 2001.

 Life Span:

Average life expectancy of Chinook dog is about 10-15 year in captivity.

Litter Size:

About 6-10 puppies

Physical Description:

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Chinook dog are medium to larger size dog breed having powerful and compact boy. Generally they are 21-27 inches high in length with a weight of 55-70 pounds. Male dog is larger from female dog and also heavier in weights. Coat color vary in five different shade ranged from light honey to radish gold with three different marking.

Chinook dog with black marking inside the eye corner is preferable breed. Black and tawny marking on muzzle and ears also accepted as well as buff making on cheek, muzzle, chest throat, toes and belly according to UKC standards. Powerful muzzle, larger and wider nostril nose almond shape eyes and stronger rectangular heads are visible character of it face. Eye is varying in color ranges from darker brown to amber color. Chinook dog have different ears pointy, wind-below and dropped. Dropped ears are more preferable then other. Teeth are too shaper meet with scissors bites.

Chinook dog double coat lave medium hairs. Undercoat is thicker but soft in down ward texture while outer coat is in rough texture and hair closely lies to body. Dense coat keep their body temperature normal in warm days. Furry and thicker tail fully covered with hair and has tapper at the end. Tawny is basic coat color of Chinook dogs.


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Chinook have excellent personalities. They are devoted, loyal, intelligent and friendly nature pet stay calm and relaxed very time. They closely bound to family member do not stay without them. Chinook show greater affectionate and love toward children. This breed also considers true working and sledding dog. They shoe polite nature to stranger but do not socialized well due to shyness personality.

Destructiveness and spiritual anxiety highly seen in this dog breed which show who must they bound with their family members. They show obedience and loyalty toward their owner. Non-aggression, patience, agility are key characteristic of this breed.  They have sweet yet reserved personality.

Living Condition:

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Chinook are suitable for apartment living yet they need moderate exercise and walking daily. Low barking Chinook are good companion don’t caused to disturb your neighbors. Avoid staying this dog outside the home as they can’t survive there. They highly connected with family member so be careful while living them alone in home. Separation anxiety and emotional turmoil excessively seems in such dog when you kept them alone. They enjoy sofa sitting during quite time.


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Chinook dog clean-natured breed groom their coat by own. So it need low grooming than other dogs. They heavily shed twice, throughout the years according to different owner, in a year. Regular combing and brushing keep its coat in good condition.


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Chinook dog are intelligent but sensitive dog breed required patience while training. Positive reinforcement theory work best while training you pet dog more efficiently. It gives awesome result more than your exceptions.


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Chinook dog generally known as healthier bred yet they normally prone to epilepsy, hip dysplasia and Atopy. Eye abnormalities, skin problems, seizures and spondylosis are other heath related issues diagnosed in Chinook dog there percentage is quite lower.


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Moderate exercise consist on 20-40 minute walk is enough to keep you Chinook dog fit and healthier. Daily walk is good for them. They enjoy jumping, carting, agility and sledding.
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