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Chartreux Cat as Affectionate Pet




Chartreux cat is domestic and loyal cat. This sat is originated in ancient Persia. This cat is French bread and come in 18th century. This lovely cat is also known as “companion cat”. So, people keep as pet at home. If you can like this cat then must take on their household setting and take care of them with fulfill their all requirements.

Life span:

Chartreux cat approximately life span is 11 to 15 years.

Physical characteristics:

A grey Chartreux kitten reclining with paws outstretched

Chartreux cat is medium sized pretty cat. They can have round head that can near their mouth. Their medium sized ears can set as high position.  They can also having round eyes with gold and copper shade. This cat is also having heavy muscles and heavy boning. This cat is more powerful cat. They are also having broad chest and strong jaws.  Chartreux cat has thin but powerful legs. As a whole, medium sized powerful cat. This cat coat is hard that can protect their body.

•    Coat color:

They can have double coat with water–repellant coat like grey blue in shade with having silver grey tips.  Their coat hairs are also in medium length.

•    Height:

Their height is 9 to 11 inches.

•    Weight:

Their approximately weight is 12 to 16 pounds.
“Chartreux cat males are larger than female Chartreux.”

Personality traits:


Chartreux cat is powerful and energetic cat.  This loving cat is also known as companion cat.  Lovely Chartreux cat is easily attached with their owner and their family members. This cat is also quite and intelligent. So it can easily follow the instructions of their owner. These cats are non aggressive and affectionate. Their bounding is strong with one person. They can comfortable with their owner in household setting.



Chartreux cat is love to running ad playing. When you can keep as pet then daily long walk is settled. You may also provide playing time on daily basis. You must take care about their running with daily walk ad playing time.



Chartreux cat grooming need is low.  I recommended if you having Chartreux cat then brushing on their coat hair weekly.  No need to daily brushing on them. When you can keeps pet then running your fingers on their coat hairs on daily basis. Keep clean their cat every time. Trim their nails also weekly.

Health and care:


Chartreux cat basically a healthy cat as their hardy coat.  But some time they can fell in some diseases such as patellar luxation, hip dysplasia, urinary stones problem and kidney disease. When your pet cat fell in these diseases then quickly take away from their veterinary doctor and complete check up of them. Treat well till recovery. When you can keep then annually check up is must for their healthy long life.

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