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What to Do If Cat Catch Cold

1 what to do if cat catch cold

During the winter season cat can get cold as human life. You see that your cat sneezing more time than usual it may be symptoms of cold. Normally cat sneeze due to dust but other can be affected with seasonal allergies. Cat need lots of care, love, rest in case of cold.

Symptoms of Cat Catching Cold:

If you feel that your pet cat discharge from nose or cold it will prove the respiratory infection. Sign of cold are include:
•    High temperature, fever
•    Coughing a lot
•    Dehydrated
•    Sneezing for hours
•    Lack interest in eating
•    Third eyelid is up
•    Swallowing more than usual
•    Want to sleep
•    Lacks interest with you
•    Discharge from nose and eyes

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You should be attentive and judge the cat activities with ken eyes. Upper respiratory infection may be serious for your cat that results in death if you don’t give proper medicine quickly. If the cat eyes become yellow and don’t break the fever and fails to eat the normal food check up the vet.

Check The Body Temperature:

3 check the body temperature

Pinch the cat ear, in winter ear should be cold while in summer should be warm. Central heating is not a major contribution in cat body temperature. Lay your ear near to cat chest and feel it heart beat at least one minute. If cat take raspy breath then rub the chest until it start breathing with calm expression.
•    Do massage on cat throat, chest area.
•    Place the cat in humidifier room then it can take easy breath.
•    Use warm water and dip the cotton ball to wipe away the cat nose and eyes discharge. Keep care cotton ball should separate for nose and eyes.

4 encourage cat to eat food

•    Encourage your cat to eat warm food. Baby food with flavor and pureed useful for cat when it fall in cold.
•    Give water to cat with constant range and check either it drink or not because your cat will remain safe from dehydrating.
•    You should keep away the other pet from fall cold cat otherwise it also catch cold symptoms.

Make Checkup To Vet:

5 check the vet

If the cat feels pain in stomach put pressure on it its sign of FIP deadly disease. Vet tells you best either cat is in serious condition or recovers very soon. Vet gives you other suggestion to treat the cat in cold.

Home Care for Cold Cat:

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After make checkup to vet and get medicine from him you should treat the cat at home best. Keep the cat nearby you in a blanket that give cozy relaxation. Canned food try to feed the cat that is special to her batter health. You will see in couple of days your cat completely be well.

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