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Can You Own Ocelot Cat as Pet




Ocelot is the small sized wild cat. It can belong to South America. Ocelot cat is also known as dwarf leopard. These cats are also similar as domestic cats. Ocelot’s cats are looking beautiful as leopard. Their coat is resembled to the leopard. Ocelot is the strong and agile cat. It is the good runner and not only good runner also good swimmer ct. this wild cat is best swimmer and not afraid the water as compare to other cat.

Life span:


Their life span is 8 to 12 years.

Amazing facts about ocelot:


Here are some amazing facts about ocelot cat.

It is wild cat.

It can look like leopard.

They are carnivores.

Their litter size is 2 to 3 kitten.

They can pray at night time during traveling.

Physical appearance:


Ocelot cat is beautiful looking cat. It has thick velvety fur coat. Their body coat is light yellow to grey shade. They can also having dark sports and strips in their body. On their cheeks having dark stripes that can beautify their appearance. Their legs head and face also having dark spots and stripes. Their tails can also feature with dark rings spots. Ocelot cat can also having sharp pointed teeth in front of us. Their body size is 68 to 100 cm. their body weight is 8 to 18 kg.



Ocelot is the active but territorial cat. In forests they can spend most of their time in bushes and leafy branches. They can travel in night time approximately five miles per night. During traveling they can one prey after 3 hours. It is some time dangerous so, take care when keep as pet.



Ocelots are the carnivores animal. They can pray and eat their food through animals. They can like to pray of rabbits, rodents, lizards, birds, snakes, crabs, fish and young deer.

Ocelot reproduction:


Ocelots can also bread every year. Their breading season is occur end of the summer. The female ocelots give birth of 2 to 3 kitten.

Ocelot as pet:


Ocelot is illegal pet. But most of people kept as pet in their home as big dog. These cats are placed on the outside of the home. When you can keep as pet then take care of them.


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