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Bull Terrier as Active Independent Pet




Bull Terrier is belonging to their terrier breed. Basically it is well known miniature bull terrier. It can originally develop in 19th century. Firstly they can know as fighting dog. Bull terrier is originated from England. Bull terrier are aggressive dog when they can’t aware them. They are courageous and independent dog. When they attach their owner then proved that a good family dog. They can also attach with their owner children and other pet animals.

Life span:


Bull terrier life span is 10 to 15 years.

Physical appearance;


Bull terrier is medium sized strong muscular dog. Their feature is also unique with their breed. Their top skull is flat to downward. Their eye can also feature as triangular shaped with dark colors. Their nostril is black downward at tip. They can also well developed nose. Their tail is horizontal shaped. It is round and strong muscles dog. Their under jaws are deep and strong. As a whole beautiful and strong dog this based people keep as pet.

Height and weight:


Their body height is 45 to 55 cm. their body weight is also 22to 38 kg.

Coat color;


Bull terrier can also having number of base coat such as white, fawn and white, tri-color, red and white, white and black and so on.

Personality traits:

Bull terrier is good and sweet natured dog. They are fun loving dog with children and their owner. This dog is perfect with people. After socializing they can show positive attitude with their owner and their family members. It can make a good family member with their owner. Bull terrier is the active and protective dog. They are friendly and extrovert dog. If their socialization is good way then shows good behavior with their owner.



They are good looking dog. They need weekly brushing on their teeth. They can no need daily bathing. When need then take bath and dry with soft fabric. When you keep bull terrier as pet then take care of their grooming and cleaning.



Bull terrier is need high quality dry food which divide into two meals. Small sized dog food quantity is low level as compare to full sized bull terrier. When you can keep as pet then take care of their food regularly.



Bull terrier needs daily 30 to 60 mint walk and exercise. They are playful dog. So, they also need for playing in a day. When you keep as their pet then must provide some time of walking and playing.

Health and care:


Bull terrier is strong and healthy dog. They can’t face any dangerous health problem. But they can fell in some disease such as heart disease, skin allergy; insect bite, rash and deafness so, take care of them and early treatment given and take away from their veterinary doctor and well treat.

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