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Boykin Spaniel Excellent Hunting Breed as Pet

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Boykin Spaniel is Docile, affectionate, obedient and faithful dog breed famous among bird hunter because it used for hunting turkey and duck in homeland. They are excellent swimmer, love with water, easy to train. They are superb dog family pet as well as working dog.


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Boykin Spaniel originated from South Caroline, in united state where this breed kept for hunting duck and turkey.


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In 20th century, around 1905-1910, Alexander White of Spartanburg found smaller spaniel dog while wounding along the bank in Spartanburg after his church services, he like it a lot and took it home and named it “Dumpy”. He later send his little dog to his best friend Lenuel Whitake Boykin, lived in South Carolina near Camden, who is also his hunting fellow.

Boykin judged excellent hunting skill of this breed and then developed true retriever through cross breeding with American Spaniel, Springer Spaniel, Chesapeake Bay retriever, and Pointer later named at his name Boykin. Boykin spaniel has amazing characteristic come in visitors eyes come for hunting purpose in that resort area and take it along then. In this way Boykin spaniel spread all around United State. With the passage of time Boykin spaniels recognize by all dog clubs and associations.

Other name:

•    Boykin
•    Swamp poodle
•    LBD(little brown dog)

Life span:

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Average life expectancy of Boykin Spaniel is about 14-16 years.

Litter size:

Average 5-7 puppies

Physical description:

Boykin Spaniel is medium size and heavier body dog breed weighted between 25-40 pounds with average 15-18inch height.  Boykin Spaniel are double coated dog breed adopt warmer climate. Their dense coat is acceptable in any type yet curly coat is more acceptable.

Their coat just found in brown or live color without any marking. Docked tail, spaniel-like head, higher set feather covered ears and straight muzzle are visible features of Boykin Spaniel dog. Mostly pet owners looking for his hunting skill other then it coat and physical description. Double water proof coat need regular trimming especially they dog kept as working and hunting purpose.


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Boykin Spaniel has packed personality best of every one. Docile natured Boykin Spaniel dog are obedient, playful, active, intelligent, friendly and affectionate make adorable companions. They are excellent swimmer and runner just like a hunting dog. They enjoy pack leadership at affectionate with everyone either children or other pets.  Enthusiastic field ability is another plus point make him favorite dog breed. Incredible smell sense, swimming skill and loyalty make him dominant spaniel breed especially in hunting world.

Living condition:

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Boykin Spaniel is socialized and affectionate personality accurately lives anywhere. They have ability to adjust in each environment either country side or apartment living. If you prefer apartment living than you have to cover its basic exercise need. Small home with a backyard is preferable place for Boykin Spaniel dog.


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Boykin Spaniel are average shedder dog have double medium hair coat shed a lot in shedding season, weekly, go for everyday in shedding season, brushing is better to keep his coat in good conditions. Occasionally bath is also better for him. Nail trimming, teeth brushing and ear cleanliness is other fundamental task keep your pet healthier and good looking.


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Boykin Spaniel are medium and stronger body dog recognized as working and hunting dog  required daily exercise to for healthier life. Daily walk about, 20-40 minutes, long brisk with pack leadership and other game are beneficial for their health. If you bred them as working dog then their working activities are enough to burn off the energies and extra calories because they need adequate exercise not too much.


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There is greater chance of being born with hip dysplasia in Boykin Spaniel. This breed also face potential genetic health problem just like other purebred dogs. Boykin Spaniel is generally healthier dog yet it prone to some serious health concern in certain condition related to heart, i.e.pulmonic stenosis, hemophilia A, and elbow and eyes. Patella luxation and debilitating seizures have also been detected in Boykin Spaniel breed.
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