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Bourke Parakeets as Gentle-Natured Pet



Bourke parakeets are also known as ‘’Bourkies’’. These parrots are originated from Australia. These parakeets are found in wild area. Bourke parakeets are cute small birds so, people keep as pet in their home.

Life span;

Bourke parakeet’s life span is up to 15 years. If you can take care of their pet then their life is long.

Physical characteristic;


Bourke parakeets are small to medium sized parrot. Their size is 7 to 8 inches in length with tail. Their male species weight is 47 to 49 g and their female species weight is 41 to 49 g. their body color is in light shade. They are plumage in color which their feather that cover pink color with their abdomen and chest. Their rumps are in blue colored. Their legs are in brown colored. Their bill is yellowish colored. Overall, Bourke parakeets are cute small sized parrot due to their beauty people keep as pet.

Personality traits;


Bourke parakeets are friendly and gentle natured bird. These parrots are mostly intelligent. They can happy with daily bath on regular basis. These parakeets are mellow and quite. Bourke parakeets are undemanding pets they can also calm personality parrots. Due to their soft natured people keep as pet.



Bourke parakeets are also well known as grass parakeets. They can eat grass, seeds food, fruits, vegetables, insects and many others things. When you keep as pet then you should provide fresh vegetables, fruits, barriers and seed based food or plenty of fresh water.



Bourke parakeets need proper hosing. When you keep as pet then provide a large cage. In which placed water dish, food dish, and parrot toys. Large sized cage is appropriate of their good living. If you can get bread then provide proper space for breading.



Bourke parakeets are not active parakeets. So, when you keep as pet then proper exercise take on daily basis usually 2 to 3 hour per day. For this pull out this parakeets on their cage for walk and exercise. Due to exercise your pet can healthy.

Health and care;


When you keep Bourke parakeets as pet then their care is must. You should proper take care of their pet. You should provide proper diet, proper housing, and daily bath with spray bottle; provide supplements and proper veterinary check up.


As whole Bourke parakeets gentle natured bird thy can also undemanding pets. So, parakeets lover keep as pet in appropriate way. Above mentioned some suggestion how to keeps pet.

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