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Best Knowledge about Pet Chicks

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Keeping chicks as pet become popular trend all over the world. Most chicks are kept for agricultural production of meat, and eggs.  People also keep chicks to avoid from insect and larva. But enjoy chicks as pet is more love idea. Within short time these become your best friends. Learn more about pet chicks!

Housing for Chicks:

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Always keep you chicks in a decent cage with warm availability. Make confirm the cage suitable for your chicks and now clean it on daily bases to prevent mites. You can get wood or metal house foe your pet chicks. Cage as much length that chicks can run and feel freely about dust.

What to Feed Them:

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You need to provide a little amount of feed to pet checks. It needs fresh food with water that hydrates them. You can give grain and calcium food that it eats easily without ant disturbance. Balance diet require to your chicks. When chicks ripe at the age of 8 to 10 week than change its diet. Get a hopper style bowl for watering, you can safely live your chicks in the cage for a night that it will don’t get injury.

Good Daily Routine:

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You need to let out chicks from cage I the morning and shut them in the evening. Make confirm place is secure where you are make free your chick out of cage. If you have other pet animal like dog, cat locks them in cage when chicks lets go.

Caring For Baby Chicks:

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Chicken need regular checkup as worming if they live outdoor area. These can get lice and red mites on their body. Live are 2 to 3 millimeters in size and can found all over the body that during the chicks blood. In this situation chicks remain dissatisfied and make loud every night, while red mites are smaller and found under the chicks wing.

How to Handle Chicks:

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Wash your hand with soap when you are going to handle the pet chicks. Try to avoid the first couple of chicks because you don’t want to rush them place them in a box. When it become 7 days you can handle the chicks and show your great love as pet animal. Never over handle the chicks in this way it will stress.

Chicks Winter Care:

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When winter season fall don’t let your pet chicks without water. Water is essential nutrient for chick’s daily life that require to regulating the body temperature. Avoid keeping water inside the coop during winter days, because chicks run in the water and get body temperature high. Placing heat lamp near the pet chicks is no need. Chicks properly maintain their body I winter.

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