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Azawakh Dog Affectionate High Power Pet Information

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The Azawakh is a guardian breed of dog come from West Africa. It is raised through the sahelian zone and Burkina Faso in which from azawagh valley name is related to Azawakh dog. The Azawakh dog in various Sahara is used as hunt and guard dog. These dogs are uncommon in Europe and North America. Well train dog are good with children, cats with other dogs and stranger. Azawakh dogs register in the kennel club in 1993.

Life Span:

Life span of Azawakh dog is about 12 years.


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The guardian and hunting Azawakh dog look like south Indian and Middle Eastern sight hound. Flat back of dog is combined with long legs and high hips. This breed of dog has almond shape eyes that are thin. The short hair dog sometime have black mask over the head. Fawn color coat of the dog also has white bib and brush at the tail tip. Azawakh dog bone structure show clearly and muscles are dry. It comes in variety of colors as blue, red, fawn, and black.  Health:

Height & Weight:

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Male 20-25 kg female 15-20 kg
Male 64-74 cm female 60-70 cm


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The duty of Azawakh dog is to keep protects the land and develop heavy intense bond with owner. This breed of dog is gentle and affectionate so can perform independently. These dogs have excellent energy and run fast. If you get race with Azawakh dog it will run happily over 100 degree Fahrenheit weather condition. Dislike rain and cold weather found in Azawakh dog nature. These dogs sleep over each other for warm up the body and are best recognizer if you check after long time period.


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The Azawakh dog sound coursing and rare in injuries. These don’t get hip dysplasia but small occurrence of idiopathic epilepsy. In other diseases that found in this breed of dog is wobbler. High protein diet for quickly growth can create developmental problem in this breed of dog.


Sean Steffen / Amarillo Globe-News  Eddiyet and Youwarou, Azawakhs owned by Alberta Evans of Canyon, take part in the Panhandle Kennel Club of Texas, Inc. Dog Show Saturday, September 12, 2015 at the Amarillo Civic Center Complex.

As Azawakh dog has short hair so you can easily groom it. Brush the dog coat with a bristle brush and use shampoo if necessary. The Azawakh breed of dog is average shedder.


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Your Azawakh dog is need high level of exercise in which include long walk. Very emotional Azawakh dog need a trainer that give fair leadership. These are suitable for apartment life if regular exercise will provide.

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