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Attractive Cat Window Shelves and Perch


Cat window is delightful and playful complement to provide eco-friendly environment where it live happily. Cats love to explore new works especially outdoor spaces. It loves to sit in window for longer time and spend it time in looking outside.  So provide them comfortable and relaxed sitting near window to keep it happier and joyful.  Cats also enjoy comfortable seating in the sun near window and also keep in touch with outer world. Looking in sky and searching flying birds is favorite hoppy of cat in extra time  which  become  more excited if they have proper sitting to sit and  laying. Here we bring cool and stylish window shelves and perched for cat lovers.

Stunning Cat Window Perch:


Are you desired to provide cool and comfortable spot to your pet cat where it take rest and enjoy outdoor viewing? Then bring in secure and calming cat window perch perfectly design doe window placement.  Soft and mushy grey bedding allow   smoothing seating to your cat. It also play functional role during cat climbing activities. You can enjoy viewing and also take rest. This window perch is good solution to keep away cat for home furniture.

Modern Insta-Window Cat Shelve:


There are lots of spaces in home where you cat love to go one of them is window which open in backyard and from garden.  This one is its favorite space where it spends her lot of time without creating any problem if you provide suitable thing to sit near window.  Here we bring playful glass window  shelve open in greeny and colorful garden,  precious  hammock  cat bed having   pillow bedding  on which  cat enjoying sweet  sleep.

Pom-Pom Window Hammock:


Its playful and eye-catching furniture is more beneficial for cat owners.  It is convenient, durable and easy to install hammock works as window shelve, cat bed and lounger. Handmade cat hammock is perfect for indoor cat how do not allow going outside.  Colorful cushion with pom-pom adornment grabs attention.

Elegant Window Shelves and Cat House:


This one is inspiration and genius ideas to bound cats near window. Its durable and dual purpose window shelve which allow cat to set   and watched outside the window and also have small house. It fixed near window where cats look outside.

Cat Window Bed and Perch:


This stylish and good looking window perch is designed by Hilary. This one is diy window crafted for two cats to provide then friendly and comfortable are for sleeping and resting.  This indoor car shelve is set in widow that they also look  in garden and  explore interesting  beneficial to  not make them bored.  It also releases cat stress level.

Two-Tiered Window Shelve:


This is unique and visible window shelf become playful addition in modern homes.  Double tired window mounted shelf is best way to keep you lazy cat active. It make struggled to climb up to watch outside.  It’s amazing window shelf works as cat perch and bed. Its lighter in weight have cantilever features which not allow to damage window. You can fix it with window or wall without any risk.  Soft sheep skin fabric used to craft this window perch which easily removed and washed.

Window Perch for Cat:


Its good-looking and dreamy cat window perch design for modern homes. The original cat perch is thrill for cat which attached with suction cups bear high pressure. It designs with weather resistance fabric with plastic pipe frame. It’s easy to clean window shelves. It’s suitable window perch for double panel window. Orange color cat blanket keep it warm in winter season.

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