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Anatolian Shepherd Dog-Best Guarding Dog As Pet


Anatolian shepherd are best guarding dog gain attention due to his hardworking nature, they are loyal, protective and devoted dog. They also considered obedient and intelligent dog.



Anatolian shepherd are larger double coat dog breed originated in Turkey as define from his name Anatolia is the main city of Turkey. Firstly these dog breed as livestock guard dog also kept them for protecting property. In Turkey these dogs exist about 6000 year ago protecting sheep folks from predators. The crown of bring Anatolian shepherd in US is put on the Lt. Robert Ballard who take Anatolian shepherd with him when he come in turkey in 1967.

Life span:

Average life expectancy of Anatolian shepherd dog is about 10-3 years.

Physical description:


Anatolian shepherd are stronger and powerful dog found in larger size. An adult Anatolian shepherd dog reaches to 29”-34” in height with a weight of 80-150 pounds. These are healthier dog. This dog has double coat covered with soft and smooth fur while they have thicker undercoat. They have drop ears covered with feather just like leg and tail. Coat hair is about one inch longer. Anatolian shepherd seem in black, white, fawn, pale champagne, badger, red and golden. Fawn color dog has black masks.



Anatolian shepherd are basically guardian dog protects family, property, sheep, ostrich, chicken and goats. They are loyal, faithful and friendly dog. Anatolian shepherd also know as protective dog show their fiercely possessive attitude in some situation. They are suspicious of stranger. Keep them away from children when you not able observe them. They are amazing working dogs do some when they are free.  They are active and alert dogs always stand on their duties, they are best family dog if recognized in earlier age. They like leadership but not the stranger leaders.

Living condition:


Anatolian shepherd are larger dog breed need enough space to live comfortably. They are most good option for small homes and apartment living owners as they can’t adjust in apartment lifestyle. They love to live in larger home having wider spread backyard. Countryside areas are accurate living station of these dogs.  They like to stay out of the house. So provide best shelter according to the weather condition keep him happier. Supply plenty of fresh water and food in time.



Anatolian shepherd shed lots so they need higher grooming then other dog. Bruch their coat regularly that may once a week or twice a day in shedding season. This dog has plushy coat which required frequent brushing to keep the coat in good condition. Bacterial and yeast infection controlling stay away the dogs from ear infections Teeth brushing and paw care also necessary for them. Occasional bathing is good for coat care.



Anatolian shepherd are larger dog breed recognized as conservative eater. They need balance yet healthy food. Dry or cane food are not good choice for Anatolian shepherd. Select food that convey maximum amount of proteins that keep him active.  They also like vegetable but meat is his favorite. Chicken, beef, fish, cottage cheese, cooked brown rice and many more things are good ingredients in Anatolian shepherd diet chart.  Vitamin C supplement cover his extra needs to maintain the health.



Anatolian shepherd dog is stubborn and dominant breed needed confident leadership while training. They are good learner but it required patience and lot to time to train them accurately.  First step to train Anatolian shepherd is to familiarized dog with his trainer. After recognizing the trainer Anatolian shepherd follow everything that is said by the leader. These are good guard dog shows protective behaviors toward family members and animal for whom you appointed him.  It’s better to give positive direction to it protective instincts other then desist it.

Exercise requirement:

Anatolian shepherd are active farm dog best life in countryside areas. Most pet owner bred this dog as guard dog.  This dog does not required to much exercise just like other dog. Take them for long walk daily. They do not like indoor activities like catch and fetch game.



Anatolian shepherd are lively and active dog frequently prone to health issues. Otherwise they are healthy dog breed. Ear infections, hip dysplasia, hypothyroidism, and cancer are more related health concern when we talk about Anatolian shepherd health. You can lower down the risk of these health problems with proper diet and grooming.

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