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American Wirehair Cat as ‘’Affectionate’’ Pet




American wirehair cat is the domestic medium sized act. Their coat is thick hard and springy wiry style. This beautiful cat is originated from United States of America. Their coat hair is also resembled with steel wool.  This cat is more powerful and keep companion only one people. They can also attach with their owner.  American wirehair cat is also love to playing. Their favorite hobby is the watching bird on sunny window.

Life span:


Their average life span is 14 to 18 years.

Physical appearance:


American wirehair cat is basically a powerful strong muscles cat. They can also having strong bones. Broad chested and muscular neck cat is looking gorgeous. She cans also having strong and long thick legs. Thick and dense well developed cat look like their ancestors.  American wirehair cat is also resembled with American shorthair cat. Only crimped texture this cat is differentiate with other cat bread. Their male cat weight is 12 lbs and female cat weight is also 8 to 12 lbs.

Coat color and pattern:


American wirehair cat is also having number of colors and patterns. Their body coat is also having such colors white, blue, cream, platinum, fawn, brown golden silver cameo and many other colored. Their coat pattern is also in solid color, bicolor, tricolor and many more patterns.



American wirehair cat is affectionate and lovely companion cat. She can active and attention seeker cat. She can attach with one people and follow room to room. They can also very playful cat so enjoy with puzzle playing and many other toys. These cats are good natured sociable cats.



American wirehair cat is need little grooming. Brushing on their hairs is not need. Because brushing damage their coat. Bath is rarely necessary for this cat. But cleaning their body weekly is necessary. Their eyes corner ears can also need weekly cleaning with wipes. Trim their nails after two weeks. Their litter box is also necessary for cleaning.

Living conditioned:


American wirehair cat is indoor cat. They are lapping cat and follow their owner room to room. They can like to live on sofa and at the end of the bed corner.



American wirehair cat is basically a healthy cat. But they can suffer some health problems that can genetic in nature.

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