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American and Japanese Akita Dog as Pet

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Akita dog is larger and packed personality dog. Call with different name. They are intelligent and confident dog breed love dominance. They show affectionate with children and family member. You can enjoy his loyalty, friendship and obedience. Experiences with Akita dog if you really want true for-leg friend.


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Akita dog is active and intelligent dog breed originated from the Akita (Northern Mountain) region of Japan. Akita are found in two varies such as Japanese Akita and American Akita. Akita dog found in list of seven dog breeds selected as Natural Monument as well as Japan national dog.


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According to Japanese history Matagi dog is ancestor of Akita dog bred originated in their native land. They developed in the Island of Honshu, cold area, where they bred for hunting. They catch the bay until hunter come and kid the prey. Akita developed with the changes of time. It cross breed with St’ Bernard, English Mastiffs and Great Danes to get desire result as fighting dog during 20th century. They also bred with German shepherd dog during World War II. In 1927 local Govt. established a society to preserve original Akita dog breed and later it’s designated as Japanese national treasure in 1931.

Life span:

Average life expectancy of Akita dog is about 10-12 years.
Litter size:
Average 7or8 puppies or 3-12 puppies.

Other name:

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•    American Akita
•    American Hakita
•    Japanese Akita
•    Great Japanese dog
•    V ken Ken
•    Akita lnu

Physical description:

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Akita is powerful and stronger dog breed reach to 24-26 inches height with average 75-120 pound when they become adults. They have massive body with larger but flat head broad Muzzle, erect ears, triangular eyes, double coat, cat-like feet and long tail covered up to the back, double coat is suitable  for cold winters. Under coat is quite soft and thicker also dense than other coat covered with straights hairs. Eyes are deeper and darker in color while nose color depends on the coat color. Fully white coat with black nose is playful type of Akita dog. Other colored coat dog have light color nose with shade or without shading. White, black mask, white mask, bridle a, red, fawn are different color of Akita dog. According to different dog association Akita coats are almost in nine colors with five different markings.


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Akita is independent and dominant personality dog conscious about their territory and properties like treat, toys and bedding. They are social dog quickly mix in family but show reserve behaviors with strangers. They do not like to stay or work with outer dogs. Akita dog fearless, docile, intelligent and confident dog breed stay affectionate with family. They quickly learn but need confident and packed leadership. Single and well defined order let him quickly down the take otherwise it let down you order and give priority to eat first and then take turn. They are obedient, loyal, friendly and trustful dog breed. You can trust him while leaving your kid alone in home. They amazingly take care of them and supervise until you comeback to home.

 Living condition:

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Akita is medium energy dog best for apartment and small home living with moderate exercise. They are social and affectionate dog stay active inside the home.  Average home with larger backyard is superb place for Akita dog living. They shows fastidious attitude toward their housing and also possessive about his toys and other related items.


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Akita is heavier shedder dog breed shed a lot thrice or more times in years but they need moderate grooming to keep coat in good condition. Just comb its cats with brush regularly to remove skin oils and dead hairs.  Give occasionally bath if you feel necessary.


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Fastidious are powerful and high energy dog, they stay active and like to work alone. It will show is energy level. If you select apartment living for Akita dog than you have to take care of its exercise to burn out extra calories. They require average exercise regularly. 30-40 minute walk on leach is best for his health. It’s indoor active dog. Keep him bust in different indoor game that also good for him otherwise asked him to play in yard larger in size.


There are different health related issues richly seem in Akita dogs especially Autoimmune and immune diseases. Akita dogs generally prone to major and minor health issue such as Hip dysplasia, Pemphigus, joints, eye patella and skin problems. They need proper vaccination and quick treatments from related vet.

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