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American Green Tree Medium-Sized Frog as Pet



American green tree frog is the well known frog species. It can commonly found in southeast United States. American green tree frog is the best pet frog that people keep as pet in their home. Due to their physical and personality traits people like it and keep in their homes as pet.

Life span;

American green tree frog life span is above 6 years.



American green tree frog is medium sized green colored frog. Their body color is yellowish lime green shade. Their belly color is pale yellow and white. Their whole body is also having gold and white patches. Their green body is also having light cream colored strips. These frogs also change their color that can depend light and temperature. After handling their pet frog wash your hands.



American green tree frog is nocturnal. They can active in night time. These frogs are like in groups so, they can live in groups and they also having specific space for each frog.



American green tree frog is like protein based food. They can eat food such as flies, insects, mosquito, earthworm, crickets and wax worm etc. when you keep as pet then take care of their diet of insect which kind of insect that can they eat. Check the hard or soft insects that can easily digestible food.



American green tree frog is also need proper housing. They need warm environment. When you keep as pet then provide a glass tank or terrarium which they can live happily. You should provide appropriate water tank which requires some things such as

Size (4 gallon is appropriate)

Temperature(68 to 77 degree)

UVB light(adequate level light)

Hiding place (most important for resting)

Water area (for climbing and swimming)

Branches and plants (must include it for freshness)

Health and care;


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