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American Curls Cat-A Lap Pet for Cat Lovers

Are you looking for lovely lap cat which become true companion and also grabs attention due to distinctive look? Then bring in lustrous coat and curl ear American Curl cat in home. He’s lively and active cat good for adults and kids. It perfect family cat. American Curl cat as determine from name also has a distinctive feature that is her curl shapes ears. He sweet expression cat nerve show anger from her face.

Life span:


American curl cat life expectancy is about 12 to 16 years in captivity.


American Curl cat is smaller cat breed developed by a natural genetic mutation in Shulamith female cat who give birth to a cat which has curl ears. First cat born in 1981 later showcased at cat show in 1986. In 1992 this cat wins championship status by the international Cat association.  American curl cat are originated in united state.  But know it widely spread in Spain, Japan and Russia.

Physical characteristics:


American curl is cute and playful cat get attentions as it has lovely face expressions and curl ears. American Curl cat are stronger and heather cats has powerful muscular body. Medium size American Curl cat has 5-10 lb weight when they fully grow up. Lustrous, soft and shiner medium or short hair coat is her visible features which attracts anyone.  Undercoat is lighter then outer coat. Flat lying hair makes it more beautiful. She’s a medium hair shedding cat breed. This cat has smaller straight ears which curl in an arc between 90o and 180o. Black, blue, red, cream, lilac and chocolate are common coat colors of American curl cat.

Personality behaviors:


American Curl cat are intelligent, social, affectionate and active cat like to spend most of time with their owner. She lap cat sit on you laps for longer time.  You can also fine them to follow you from room to rooms to get your attentions. It good with children and become close friend if kid affectionately behave with her.  It also keeps friendly nature toward pet dogs. Both stay together without any consideration.

Living condition:


American Curl cat is highly adapted cat easily adjusted in all environments.  It’s also good cat for apartment living owners. Indoor living is suitable for these cats. American Curl cats easily become stranger friends so be careful while sending them outside the home. Proper diet, fresh water availability, and clean beading keep her healthier and happy.



American Curl cats are moderate shedding cat. You can lower the shedding rate by providing proper nutritious and grooming.  Coat conditions totally depend over your either you give occasional grooming or groom it on regular basis. Clean it coat regularly otherwise they lick their coat to keep clean their coat themselves.  Comb hair to remove dead hair and extra oil cells.



American Curl cat are heather cats do not have longer list of illness and other health problems. He stays healthier if you nicely take care of it. These cat common porn to ear problems which it to infection in narrow ear cannels generated due to larger wax buildup. So clean her ear regularly to cover this problem.


Balance diet which covers basis nutrition need is necessary for these cats.  Serve meal ad food chunks twice in a day. Dry or fresh food both is good for her. Avoid severing such table scraps such as alcohol, onion, avocado, chocolates and seed as these scraps leads different health issue either minor or major.



Take care of your pet cat. As now it become your responsibility. Provide puzzle games and other toys for playing purpose. It will make her healthy and happy. Take her for regular walk and also offer delicious treats occasionally. Clean bedding and litter box to provide germ free life style.
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