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Alaskan malamute Large Breed of Dog Information

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The intelligent Alaskan malamute dog is best as a pet animal. Large breed of dog can bear the harsh climate and can also use for loading object at short distance. You can train your dog how behave with you and other family member.
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The Alaskan malamute dog was originated from America 12000 years ago. In 19th century 2013 study was show that malamute breed of dog not relate to Canadian Eskimo and Greenland dog. In 2015 a study show that malamute dog, Alaskan and Siberian husky has close genetic relationship and relate to sled dog. In 2010 the final name of dog was selected Alaskan malamute.

Life Span:

Life expectancy of malamute is 12 to 16 years.

Height and Weight:

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According to American kennel club the female weight has standard weight is 34 kg and 58 cm tall. Male has high weight as compare to female 39 kg and 64 cm in length.


The Alaskan malamute dog has double coat in black and white, gray and white, red and white, sable and white, seal and white. Dog has marks over face, half collar, nape of the neck. Ear of dogs are small to the head, wedge in shape and stand in attentive situation.

It’s a heavy domestic dog which eyes are almond in shape. The body of dog is strong with bone and snowshoe feet. American kennel club say that malamute dog tail is covered with fur that live over the back. Dog curl up tail in snow and can wrap it around the nose and face. With this tail wrapping habit dog protect the face from harsh weather.



Dog has high power and endurance. However this breed of dog use as family pet and as sled dog for light object moving at short distance. Malamutes dog are slower against long distance running as compare to other small or fast breed of dog.

With adult malamutes you can load 500 to 1,500 kilogram load. Dog has qualities like natural behavior, intelligence, resourcefulness and has ability to live in harsh environment. Like other northern breed of dog malamute can pray small animal include rabbit, cats, squirrels and many other.

Dog live amicable around people but necessary to train tolerate near to small children and animal. These are fond of people but not reliable as watchdog. You should provide plenty of outdoor exercise, and let them to play in baby pool with cold water for summer days swimming.


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In Alaskan malamute 36% death rate was recorded due to cancer. Other health issue includes hip dysplasia, eye, heart, kidney problem and skin effect. In dysplasia disease these are countdown chondrodysplasia, elbow dysplasia, and cerebella hypoplasia.

Living Condition:

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Alaskan malamute are not suitable for apartment life you can only enjoy them in a big yard or high fence. These dogs live active at outdoor place and like to dig their way. The double coat of dog allows them to enjoy cold weather but keep care your dog in cool climate. You assure your dog is under shade and enjoy cold and clean water.


The thick coat of dog needs brush twice a week. Dog no need bathing but you can use shampoo occasionally.
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