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Afghan Hounds as Loyal Pet




Afghan hounds are the bread of hound dogs. It can distinguish between the hounds as their physical appearance. This large sized dog is also having a silky coat. Their bread original name is Tazi. They can also having hunting instincts in naturally. Basically it is a healthy dog.  People keep as pet in their home as their physical appearance and on the basis of their characteristic.


Afghan hounds are originated from Afghanistan Pakistan and Iran.

Life span:

Their approximately life span is 10 to 14 years.

Physical appearance:


Afghan hounds are generally a tall sized dog.  They can have a long narrow head with top knot.  Their skull is prominent on their full appearance. Their nose is black colored. They can also having almond shaped dark colored eyes.  Their ears are also flat on their head.  Their long neck is strong.  Their front legs are straight and long or their hipbones are prominent. They can also having curly tail. As a whole large size pretty silky coat dog. As their appearance, people keep as pet in their home.

Coat color:


Afghan hounds are also having black cream and red coat colors.


Male: 27 to 19 inches, female: 24 to 17 inches.


Afghan hounds approximately weights is 50 to 64 pounds.



Afghan hounds are loyal and affectionate pet dog. They can also much socialized dog. They are good trainable dog. They can also having good temperament dog. As their behavioral aspect people are like it and keep as pet. They can aloof and independent dog.  They can also good athletic. Their large body needs exercise and long walk. So take care about their exercise. They are dignified and happy dog.



Afghan hounds need to daily long walk. Their large sized body heals with daily walk and exercise. They can happy to running in open and safe fenced area. During daily walk you may also teach them to enter and exit the door tricks. When you can keep Afghan hounds as a pet then take care of their daily log walk and exercise for active their body.



Afghan hounds thick coat need to attention. They can need bath when necessary. When you can keep as pet then take care of them. Brushing on their coat with air cushioned brush. It is called a pin brush.  You may also brush their dry coat. Trim your afghan hounds nail twice in a month. You may also trim their extra hairs of their feet and near the eyes or ears. You may also brush your pet Afghan hound teeth two or three times in a week. Because food particles are distract and save from gum disease and bad breath.

Litter size:


Their average litter size is 8 puppies.

Living conditions:


Afghan hounds are basically outdoor dogs. They can happy and active in outdoor side. We recommended you can take placed in outdoor setting. It is fact they can like to sleep in indoor setting.


Afghan hounds are a large size dog.  So, as their body requirements they need 2 to 2.5 cup high quality dry food.

Heath and care:

Afghan hounds are basically a healthy dog. But they can fell in some diseases with any deficiency. Some puppies are fallen down in allergies cancer, hypothyroidism and juvenile cataracts.  When you pet Afghan hounds can prey in these disease then quickly take out their veterinary doctor ad treat well with their early medication. When you can feel your dog change their mood leave their meal then quickly consult the doctor and start treatment in early stage of any disease.

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