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Abyssinian cat As Friendly Pet



Abyssinian is the domestic cat bread. It is originated with Egypt region. It is silly smart athletic cat. It is look like wild cat. Abyssinian cat is also known their nickname as ‘Aby’. It can also popular for jumping and climbing.

Life span;

Their life span is approximately 9 to 15 years.

Physical appearance;


Abyssinian cat is physically strong and smart cat. It is the medium sized graceful muscular cat. It can be featured with wedge shaped head, arched neck, almond shaped eyes with gold and green colored and long ears. Their coat color is red, fawn and ruddy colored with silky smooth traits. . Their body weight is 8 to 12 Ibs.



Abyssinian cat is active and friendly cat. You can keep as house pet. They are lovely and playful cats. They can play with their owner children and their toys. It can also talk with their owner with quite soft voice. Abyssinian is the social cat and attention seeker. Their attention need is high so, they can require their owner attention with playing time.



Abyssinian is the good climber and jumping cat. It can walk and climbed in everywhere for home setting. Their exercise requirements are high. When you keep as pet then take care of their proper walking and climbing.



Abyssinian cat lives in house setting with their owner and other pet. It is the best cat for pet. Their housing is indoor setting with their owner.



Abyssinian cat can like red meat, raw meat beef gravy and lamb heart and kidney. When you keep as pet then take care of their good diet plenty of fresh water. They can also like milk but it can dangerous for their gastrointestinal system.

Health and care;


Abyssinian is basically healthy and strong cat but they can prey some health problems. They can suffer from kidney failure, knee problems, eye problem, neurological problem and periodontal problems. Take care of these problems you should take regular check up with their veterinary doctor. Food supplements and antibiotics an also give for their healthy life.

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