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7 Smart Puzzle Toys to Entertain Smart Cats

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You pet cat quickly feel bored from same routine, food and activates.  We can’t see over beloved cat in this situation. What can we do to entertain her when she is in bad mood? I have ideas.  Involve you pretty cat in interesting games just live puzzle toys having hidden treats inside it. It keeps her energetic and fresh her mood.   There are different cat puzzle games. Toys and feeder introduced in market which is beneficial for both cat and the owner.

It fabulous choice if you have no time to play with her or you have to involve her completely untilled you comes back in home.  Puzzle toys and feeder are an adventure for cat. It mentally stimulate cats when they feel fatigue and also helpful in their mental growth. How you feel when you cat show a trick in front of the guest. It’s the happiest moment, I know. Here we are amazing puzzle games ideas for you genius lap friend.

Peek-A Prize Puzzle Toy:

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It elegant and interesting teaches the hunting skills to your cat. It best game, feeder and exercise tool for your pet cat allow cat to fully involve in it.  It’s challenging toy for your cat. Interactive cat puzzle box is design with wood or cardboards. Playing toys such as balls and treats are place in the box.  If your car peeks out the toy she gains a delicious treat.

Trixie Cat Puzzle Game:

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Pick a game or toy which is not just for playing it also play important role in cat mantle growth. Cat is intelligent and genice creature picks   anything quickly. You can easily train it easily. Trixie game fills all the requirements.  It’s complex yet interesting game force a cat to use her brain to get a treat.  Dual color is in square shape have balls, slates and lever to intrigue cat.  4 different game are play on this board.  When you can put the ball on it right point here she fine an incentive.

 Cat Stimulo Feeding Bowl:

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Here I have another interactive car  puzzle game which does not need you involvement. It a puzzle feeder bold which is totally designs by keeping the hunting nature of the cat.  She richly adopts food seeking habits. This game make you free from bring mice and beetles inside the home to feed cat.  Hide food inside the bowl which is design in tubs like shapes. It insist cat to use their paw to bring out the food just like she do to hunt mice form their burrow.

Fun-Creating Egg Puzzle:

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Cat need full involvement and attention of then owner when she has to play.  It affectionate cat bound with their owner. Sometimes you feel bad when is wondering around as you have to done other work.  Bring an interesting and fun making puzzle toy or feeder in home which make your life easier. Now you cat spent more of its time in playing with puzzle toys. Plastic egg puzzle feeder is lovely toy fills with dry pellets or catnips which   going to fill cat stomach.

Catrine Catmosphere:

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Is little dispenser balls with mentally stimulate cat and increate their natural hunting skills. Its lovely and high quality puzzle toy   attracts act and let them to play for hours.  Catrine Catmosphere dispenser ball is intelligent ides to keep it active to stay it from irk situation. It’s durable and interactive game for soft fur friends.

Track And Ball Puzzle Game:

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This one provide great fun to kittens and cats, it chase theme game quickly grabs cat attention. You at quickly understand the playing rules.  It best toys for clever buggers.   Lock or block each segment to make of difficult and tricky as your cat take it challenging, winner cat rewarded with treat.

Lovely Puzzle Feeder:

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It cost effective and funny cat puzzle feeder amazingly entertains your pet cat and also increase it feeding quantity. It ideas toy when your cat feel bore and fatigue. White high quality plastic s used to design which feeding bowl have holes in sides through which cat has to peek out the treat by using her paws. It also increases her hunt skills? I love this puzzle game is it work effectively.

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