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6 Things Avoided in Front of Your Pet Bird

Pet bird is closely attached with their owner and lives them as a family member so you must take care of them. You should take care of their food playing and many health conditions. When you can own a pet then you should avoided some unhealthy activities do in front of their pet bird.

Avoided activities that dangerous for your pet:

Here are some things never do with your pet bird and take care of them.


avoide smoking front of pet

Smoking is also having health and environmental hazards on human and pet bird health. So avoided smoking in front of their pet and save your pet any kind of danger. Their smoke is also cause of cancer so when you can smoke then outside of their pet because curious pet seek their cigarette butts and inhale nicotine poison that can dangerous for their health.

Host a big party:

Avoid to hosting a party in front of their pet bird. Pet birds are confused in big gathering and bite he or she when they eating. Pet bird are center of attention in this party and guest give appetizers chocolates candies and many other unhealthy thing give  and pet also take bite of these things that can dangerous for them. one of other major reason when guest drink alcohol then they are out of their senses and these activities heart your pet and pet can come to bite so it can very dangerous.

Organizing their important paper:

You should also avoid organizing their important business and home papers in front of their pet birds because they can have power their wing as a fan. They can fly their wings as fan and disarranged their paper and some chance of lost their important paper. When you can do works of organizing then keep away from their pet bird.

Avoid to make-up spraying:

Pet birds are always with their owner especially in morning routine they enjoy their morning routine with nature and water spraying but make spray is dangerous for their respiratory system. When you can do make powder spray perfume spray hair spray then keep away your pet another place and save them any health hazards.


Avoided cooking in front of your pet bird because they are quite interesting in what you eat and do so take care of them. when you can go on kitchen open the flame boiling and cooking something on nonstick pan then pet set all activities and sudden a noise come phone or door bell you go away then bird to flee on your shoulder and come from stove that can dangerous for your pet. So when you can used kitchen stove after using close and your non stick pots are covered and fan on over the stove for cool. Most effective for your pet, when you play these activities possible your pet birds are away from this place.

Avoid toxic cleaner in front of pet:

Do not involve your pet bird during home cleaning through ammonia bleach oven cleaner and many other house hold cleaner because they can make ill your pet. They can play dangerous effect on your pet bird health when you can clean your home then your pet bird not reached at that place.


Here are some activities that can dangerous for your pet. When you can perform these activities then keep away from that place fro their good health.

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