Reasons Why Dog Not Eat Food


Many factor affect your dog in which he stop to eat. Consider your vet if suddenly refuse to eat food otherwise try to known about the factor that cause. Below are helpful ideas that give you ideas and understand the situation in which dog stop the food.

Due to Sudden Diet Change:


Your dog not readily accepts the change food. If you add new food in dog diets it will make refuse and turn his nose. In this solution turn back the old food that like more you pet. But if old food is no longer time that make your dog overweight than make less fat content in the food. Sooner your dog lungs will accept the new food and make it habit. Add the rice in dog casual diet instead to remove.

Due to Tummy Ache:


As human dog also effects with tummy ache. It’s quite normal behave of dog to refuse with diet. More need or help of you require to your pet. If dog has been vomiting in 24 hours during the tummy ache it will batter for dog health. His upset stomach just want relax. After 12 than hours are passing give boiled boneless chicken and rice for few days.

What Type Of Environment In Which Spend Time:


Have there been recent change come in dog life like environment change, new owner accept? Environmental change takes place a major role in dog appetite. Dog become bore and dull due to residence change and absence of new owner. New dogs may not eat the food and feel upset. When dog will become familiarize with new owner and place, start to eat the best food.

Due to Loose Of Old Friends:


Dogs get stress due to owner change or loss of companion, whether its best friends are other home pets or beloved owner. Critical situation will create to keep the dog normal and help him to accept the change. With the help of some exercise and enjoy full environment you can make the positive mood of dog.

Are You Giving Canned Food?


Earlier you are feeding table scarf to your dog and it has decided that people food is tasty. After all if you eat rice every day than your dog doesn’t accept it. You should give him mix food in which canned food is acceptable.

Are You Giving Much Food?


You are train your dog and give him treat he learn. Dog never crosses mind to eat enough food and refuse food because he is already eating too much. You can also judge by self that enough food make a limit you want to stop the food.

Due to Too Many Distractions:

You feed your dog in mid of kitchen, at that time baby cry, phone bell rings, cat are jumping around you definitely your dog stop to eat. God like to eat food in peace and quiet environment without any distractions.

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