What do Rabbits like to Eat the Most?

List of Most Favorite Rabbit Food


Rabbits are the wild animals so, they like it green veggies, herbs, pallets fruit and variety of foods. Rabbit owner should give most favorite food for their pet rabbit. They can require high quality fresh food for their good health. Rabbit food is the essential part of their good health care. People who keep rabbit as pet they should proper take care for their good and healthy life. If you can see your pet rabbit happy and healthy then fulfill their food requirements with an organized way. They can require proper food and plenty of water.

Rabbits are like variety of foods. Here are listing about their most favorite foods who like it and eating happily.

Importance of food and water;


Food and water play a vital role in pet rabbit health.

Water importance;


Rabbit need plenty of water for their good health. Clean and fresh water is most important for their healthy life.

Food importance;


Food provides energy for their healthy body. They required plenty of fresh food for their healthy body.

List about rabbit favorite food;

Rabbit favorite food list is following such as;

  • Veggies
  • Fruits
  • Pallets
  • Hay
  • Treats





Rabbits are like veggies in different verities. Their body required fresh veggies on daily basis. For their good health you should provide fresh vegetables for their pet rabbit. Wash all veggies with clean and fresh water before their rabbit feeding.

Pet rabbits are most like it some vegetables such as;





Carrot tops

Mustard greens

Water cress



Fruits are also high class food that like it but their quantity level should low as their requirement. Fruits are sweet so, sweetness are upset their stomach and cause of many health problems such as obesity. It cans also cause of death. So, some quantity of fruits provide per day.




Pallets are also rabbit favorite food. Pallets are enriching the fiber and low quantity protein. It is high quality food mix diet that can like it. You should provide some quantity of pallets ion daily basis. Because high quantity can suffer from many health problems so, take care o f their quantity.





Hay is the essential part of rabbit favorite food. They required 80% to 90% hay in their daily diet. When you keep rabbit as pet then provide hay for their good healthy life. They need unlimited hay need in whole day. Fresh hay is easily available in everywhere.




Rabbits having sweet tooth so take care of their diet. You should avoided human like food such as rice, chocolate; biscuits, potatoes, and sweet corns etc. rabbit suitable treats are apple, herbs, broccoli, strawberries, raspberries, banana, apple and pineapple etc.


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