What do Parrots Eat at Home?

List Of Food Good or Not Good For Parrots

Are you looking food perfect diet plan for pet parrot leading a active, health and long life. Parrots need balances food to maintain their health yet also make them happy. Sometime you make some mistakes in feeding your pet parrot which are harmful for it, due to unawareness about pet parrot food. Parrot eats pallets to seed, fruits, and vegetables yet some of them are not good so understand what food good or not good for parrots. Wild pet know that what wood right for them for their senior flocks mates yet pet parrots do not know so you have to learn about their feeding behaviors.

Food Good for Parrots

Commercial Pellets

Commercial pellets are easily available or super markets of bird’s stores. Pallets are more suitable diet for per parrots as these pellets are carry all ingredients which need to a parrots lead to good health. Parrots pellets are in different varieties with an array of color, shapes, sizes and flavors. Choose you parrots favorite flavor. Basically pellets are made of vegetable, grain, seed, nuts, and fruits with high nutritional values.



All birds love seeds that why seed considered as mainstay of parrot diets. Sunflower and other mix seed packets are available that have good nutrition values. Your feather fried gets good portion of portions form seeds and beans.   Bring insect and fungus free seed for your pet parrot. Millet, canary, hemp, sunflower, safflower, thistle seeds and more are commonly desired seed.


A larger source of vitamin, protein, fiber,, calcium are get form vegetable. Fresh and fleshy vegetables are best food for parrots. Dark leafy greens ( mustered, spinach, , kale, collard, parsley and Swiss chard), carrots, beets, broccoli, pumpkin, Brussels, butternut sweet potatoes, corn and peas are best food for parrots, wash verges and cut in piece that your pet easily pick it to eat.


Fleshy and juicy fruits packed with high nutrients and vitamins. Bright colored fruits are favorite food it small treats for them. Berries like Strawberries, raspberries, blackberries and blue berries, mango, banana, pears, plum, apricot, pomegranate, apples, melon are best food for parrots.


Nut are also essential item in parrot diet that good for their health but also keep them little busy. Nuts filled with vitamins, minerals, protein and fat. Nuts have high portion of fat so give nuts as training reward or feats on special occasions. Walnuts, pistachios, cashews, macadamia nuts serve to parrots. Salt free nuts without breaking shell are best as they use their beaks to crush shells.


Cocked brown rice, barley and other uncooked all type grains are eaten happily by parrots because grains packed with sugar and highly starch contents. Pasta is most favorite dish for parrots.


Beans, peas and lentils are also amazing food for parrots carry high potion nutritional values.


Small amount of meat add in parrot diet because parrots are omnivores, chicken is health for them but too much meat damage their kidneys.


Bread are amazing food for parrots as it greater source of fibers. All grains bread in small pieces serves to parrots to bring change in their taste.


Snaking popcorn is wonderful hobby of your feathery friend. Serve unpopped kernel after boiling and popped popcorn to keep them happy.

Food Not Good For Parrots

Fruits not for parrot

Avocados are unsafe fruits food parrots as they act as slow-poison in his system so avoid to give any item in which avocado includes. Rhubarb and dry fruits are also unhealthy for parrots.

Unhealthy Vegetables

Avoid giving onion, garlic, mushrooms and cabbage as onions have sulfur compounds lead to anemia while other vegetables may upset stomach working.

Dairy Products

All dairy products like milk, butter, yogurt, cheese and cream are not safer for parrots. Dairy product is greater source of fats so give then on special even sparingly.

Chocolates /Alcohol

Chocolate, alcohol and energy drinks are toxic to your pet as it may become deadly products for your friend.




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