Modern Bird Cage Feeder and Drinker Ideas


Feeding and drinking   plenty of water keeps you pet in good conditions.   Most feather friendly owner prefers to keep birds inside the cage.  They have to provide clean and mess-free environment to their pet birds. Food particle and water in cage bottoms give dirty look or create bad odor. So it better to give food and water in easy clean feeders and drinkers. Here we bring stunning designs of modern bird’s feeder and drinker.

Good-Looking Fountain Feeder:


Birds needed clean and health food that good for their health. Birds owner mostly look in search of a feeder that best for cage.  Here we bring easy to mounted seed feeder which attach with cage.  It’s larger capacity feeder best if you have more birds. This tube like seed feeder has transparent view all you to view seed level. It’s easy to fill and clean feeder brings ease in your life style.  Built in perch featuring provide a place to reset while eating its food. It designs with high quality plastic and available in different color. You pet bird enjoys feeding time.

Hooded Cup Feeder and Water Bowl:


Bring thing elegant and eye-pleasing cage feeder and drinking cup for you flying friends.  You can provide clean and mess free feeding space to your pet bird through this highly innovative feeder.  Serve seeds or other staple food like water. It’s also have perch that allow bird to reset its position while feeding.   Cap cover with hood that reduced spillage of food. It’s awesome choice for small or medium side cages. This economic feeder keeps your pet inside the cage. Polycarbonate box feeder has mess free and minimal cleanup feature as it have safe dishwasher that hold messy food.

 Transparent Hooded Cap Feeder:


This one is adorable and effective bird feeder hand outside the cage if you do not have enough space inside the cage.  Transparent plastic crafted feeder is designs for budgies, parritslets, love birds and small conures. These feeders have replaceable perches crafted with wood. This one is also clean easily and gives beautiful view when your pet bird feed.

Anti-Algae Feeder and Water Fountain:


Anti-algae bird cage drinker feeder bottles or fountains are best for small cages and aviary designs for finches, canaries and other small feather friends.  Blue and white dual color anti algae feeder and drinker are available in different sizes option as 110ml, 200ml and 400ml.

Space Toy Feeder and Drinker:


Cage seed and water feeder is convenient and adorable way to provide health and clean feeding environment to birds as they easily access to food and water. This one is appealing and highly functional bird feeder in 2 set allows you to manage bird food and water.  Stream-lines vertical bar cage feed is easy to clean and available in different colors. Plastic mage feeder and drinker bring inviting charm in cage.  It chic space toy feeder attracts birds.

Stainless Steel Feeder with Mirror:


This one is inviting and stylish bird feeder designs in space toy shape with mirror. It’s convenient and durable feeder for small cages. Stainless steel feeder is more reliable then plastic.   Easy-to clean and mirror attached feeder give a view that there are more the one bride eat food. Its good feeder if you have just one pet bird.

Stylish Cage with Two Feeders and One Drinker:


White color plastic cage with feeder, one drinker and two perches designs with highly removable bottoms tray. It’s compact and innovate style of cage with inside drinker and feeders. Clear plastic cup feeder and water drinker hang in front of cage.



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