List of Parrot Favorite Foods that Like to Eat


Parrot is playful and rocking bird so people keep as a pet in ethri home. They can also talkative bird. They can attach with their owner quickly.  Owner should take care of their diet and health when they own on their home.

List of Parrot favorite diet:

Parrot is friendly natured bird so they can like bird food. Parrots are like many more nutritional diets. When you own as a pet then take care of their favorite food and give them.

Parrots are like such foods;






pasta grains


cook mix



Seed is the parrot and other bird’s favorite diet. They like it very much. Seed can consist of four parts such as the germ, the endosperm, the   cotyledon and the hull.  Theses seeds mix are in different variety like sunflower seed, canary seed, millet seed, hemp seed safflower seed and thistle seeds. Parrots are like it and eat happily. When you own a pet then provide seeds mix diet of their parrot.



Fruits are visual treat of your parrot. They can most like it colorful fruits. You must give healthy fruits for their parrots. They need vitamin A filled fruits.  Mangos, papaya, apricot, banana, pears and pomegranates are including in Vitamin A content foods. Parrots are also like barriers foods such as blueberries, black berries, raspberries and strawberries.



Parrots are like green leafy veggies such as Spanish, cauliflower carrots, beets cocked sweet potatoes, peppers hot or sweets, green beans and green chili. These vegetables are full of vitamins, protein, calcium, fiber and other nutrients. These are more helpful your parrot healthy.



Parrots are usually like pallet diet. It can consist of grains and seeds. Pallets are backed diet that can found in different shapes and colors. Their natural color is brown. Colorful pallets are attractive for your pet parrots. Dry pallet not gives your soft bill parrots. You can consult your veterinarian before to give pallet diet of your parrot.



Parrots are also like nuts to eat. They can like walnut, hazelnuts, macadamia nuts and almonds. When you can own as pet then provide these plain nuts. Not give salt and honey coated nuts.

 Cook mix:


Parrots are also like cooked food. They like it cooked vegetables rice and many other cook mix foods. You can give your parrot cooked veggies and many other quick recopies try for your pet parrot.  They like it and fell happy with eating cooked recopies.

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