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Healthy and good looking aquarium fish require your attention and love. Owner first responsibility is that give best feeding and secure environment to pet. If you are really pet lover and want health aquarium fish than follow us, here we taught you home recepies for fish. You just need right ingredients with full confidence level.

Prepared Food For Aquarium Fish:


Dry Food:

Dry food is artificial manufacture food with wide variety for salt water or other fish species.  You can daily arrange the dry food for mid water, top and bottom fish. Flake food can enjoy long days in which pellets, wafers, tablets, granules are available. Food requirement depend on fish breed.

Medicated Food:


Medicated fish food is best suited to deliver when it ill. This type of food not negative effect the aquarium fish also help in fish growth.

Vacation Food:

Vacation food need when owner is outside than it places instead of other food. Small amount of food you should give to your pet fish. Food flocks make good choice for small size fish, but aquarium will become dirty if not clean quickly.

Freeze Dried Fish Food:


Freeze dried food can primarily give to marine fish as need it. In freeze dried food includes mosquito larva, water fleas, tubifex worms, bloodworms.

Frozen Fish Food:


Perishable Food can store in fridge that keep in blister packs. In frozen food daphnia and bloodworms like food is add.

Aquarium Fish Food Recepies:

Required Material:

1 lb frozen peas

1 medium zucchini

8 oz salmon

6 Centrum vitamins

2 lbs. whole shrimp

120 gram sweet less gelatin powder

1 big carrot

¼ cup spirulina powder

1 lb spinach

8 oz salmon


Cook carrot and zucchini when it becomes soft remove from heat. Prepare shrimp after removing the tails. Cut salmon in to small shape and dissolve vitamin in water. Now add all other ingredients and grand it. Take a pan and fry gelatin now slowly mix the grand mixture in it. After cooking 2 to 3 minutes put the recipe in cube tray and put in refrigerator. You can save the recipe in to sealed bag or zip bag for easy storage.

Recipe # 2:

Require Material:

¾ bottle of Kent marine garlic

5 raw shrimp

2 clams

Fresh cod

Fresh tuna

2 clams

3 sheets nori

1 stalk of broccoli

Fresh sockeye salmon

1 pacific mussel

1 colossal scallop

Mysis shrimp



Chop the all ingredients and then put in blender, when this mixture become cool keeps in refrigerator into small pack.

Recipe # 3:

Require Material:

Fresh fruits and vegetable in which orange, carrot, apples, broccoli, yams etc are including.

Crab legs with shells with shrimp



Grand all material add some liquid or potato juice now set aside it after grand.

Get 100 to 150 ml of water and into mix gelatin and vegetable mixture. Pour the mixture and store in refrigerator.

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