Bird Feeding Pots Diy Idea


Birdfeeders are great idea to enjoy the pet life. If you live in open area you can see every day many birds and help them to provide food in birdfeeder. Your personal less expensive idea is fruitful every time for birds. You need not extra material just pick up the old things and reuse them with creative way.

Vintage Style Feeding Pots:


Metal feeding pots hang with ceiling. Top bowl used for water and below for grain. Bird can easily set on the feeing and can enjoy meal. You can arrange the bird feeing pots in an open area. Hang the feeding pots not enough that you not fill the water and meal once again. When you drill the feeder pots, it will give functional and decorative look.

Green Tea Cup Bird Feeder:


Green tea cup bird feeder give interesting look at outdoor garden. Metal stick first drill in mud and then base create with glass bottle. On base green tea set is arrange that make functional look. You can fill the cup with feeding. Birds can easily eat the meal and enjoy in freely mood.

Tree Hanging Feeding Tray:


A big size tray hangs in home garden with s-style hook. Bird grains fill in the tray and then cover with net. With tray net idea bird don’t drop the grain o the floor and make dirty. So easy and cute idea with metal try you can enjoy that will impress other. You toddler like bird feeder and make their habit to add grain in the tray for bird.

Sisal Rope Feeder:


An old tin, sisal rope material is used in preparing of bird feeder. You can easily draw the feeding just wrap the sisal rope on the tin and bend the tin half that bird can get easily food. You need to put something with the tin the bird stand on when eating. Hand the sisal tin bird feeding with any height.

Orange Cup Birdfeeders:


If you are diy lover you can easily pick up the orange cup birdfeeder. Simple slicing an orange in half and drill the rope under it. Hang the bird feeder with plant branch. It’s really cute and interesting look of bird feeder. You can make pair of feeder with one orange very easily. Wonderful idea of orange cup you can pick up in winter season.

Diy Birdfeeder with Wine Bottle:


Wine bottle with diy idea give great look of birdfeeder with final look. Wine bottle with base plat is hanging with s-style hook. Base of bottle help the bird to stand and enjoy easy food. Make a hole at one side of bottle where food comes outside. You can fill the bottle will all type of seed.

Tea Cup Birdfeeder:


Tea cup with metal stand is hanging with a big tree. So interesting idea that catch people attention and give lovely look in each cup you can fill separate food. On each hand of stand tea cup are settle. Fun idea of tea cup if you want than can draw in your home garden with big tree. Now need of other material just metal nails are used in arrangement of bird feeder.

Weight Machine as Birdfeeder:


Recycle your old weight machine into bird feeder. Machine is hanging with home ceiling and a round bowl put on smooth surface. Fill the bowl with bird food every time. Coming people like your bird feeding idea and appreciate your mind ability. You can also save your budget with weight machine recycle into birdfeeder.

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