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Is It Possible To Domesticate Polar Bear? – True Facts


Polar bear is rare pets need special care and high budgets yet its fun to ride over polar bear or swing in pool in summer noon. Polar bear is white in color belongs to mammalian family mostly found in surrounding areas of Arctic oceans which known’s as Arctic Circle. Polar bear are rare in number and enlist in most vulnerable species due to climate variations and habitation looses. These bears   live in cold habitats   easily survive in snow and Ice and cold water they god deep under snow for hunting seals. Polar bears spend lot of time in sea ice   that why those people who desired to keep polar bear as pets must live in cold areas otherwise it’s not best for warm regions.



Polar bear are larger in size as adult b has 350 to 700 kg weights like Kodiak bears. Male polar bear is amazing greater then female bears. It says that they are twice in size from females. Polar bears have tick coats with insulated fur which covers with warmth layers of coats that able them to live in cool areas.



Polar bear are smarts animals as they best utilized their brain powers for hunting seal. They are well communicators as they wag head when they desired to play and loudly roar when they are in anger. It takes charge forward and laid back their ears when they attacked over you. Polar pear are quite genius easily learn tricks and tasks.



Polar bears live in cold areas where   weather is chill and snowy. These best live in areas where temperature is below then 30 degree below the average.   If you feel the temperature is little higher then maintain it by setting t larger ice blocks around it. Polar bear love snow and spend more of time in playing and hunting on sea ice. They sleep 8to 10 hours in a day near comfortable bedding and houses for spending their time. Its best species for those people who live in Midwest and northwest areas where temperature is in between 10 to 30 degree below average.


Polar bear are carnivores, dwelling land and move under snow for hunting. They hunt ringed seal fish as the weighted for long time over the surface and hunt when seal comes over the surface for breathing, they remain active all the night as seal are active at night and sleep in day times. They also keen of vegetables, bride’s eggs small mammals which provide then enough calories.

Is it better to domesticate polar bear of not


Polar pears are lovely animals and best live if fully trained or provide suitable environment

Polar bears need cold temperature for habitation best for Midwest and northwest resident. It’s not for these who live in warmer places.

It’s quite expensive to domesticate polar bear as pet. You have enough budgets and place to bring them in home because you have to spent lot of money in controlling temperature, training and feeding of polar bears.

Polar bears are carnivore’s bigger threat for kid and sometimes for adult. When they are in aggressive mood then attacked over you and your may lose your life.

All above are important realities about polar bears so suggested that is not suitable pet for you.

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