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List Of Table Scraps Do and Don’t Share With Dogs


Dog is a friend of human becomes a family member due to lot of rezones such as loyalty, Companionship, Love, affections and devotion. It’s feels good when you pet dog resist to eat with you and demand what you eat but sometime it becomes a serious matter when you serve a food which is not suitable for him. To avoid from serious situation know what you have to serve or not to your dog.  Table scraps are good as occasional treats but it not advisable to give them all the time. Here we bring list of table scraps do and don’t present to your pet dog.

6 Best table scraps must serve to your dog:

Not all table scraps but some food is beneficial to feed dog as these foods play important role to make them healthier and active. Table scraps cover half portions of their total nutrition. In these scarps some are good for every day diet while other are best for occasional treats.

Rice and pasta:

fully cooked rise and paste is good for you dog good. It’s best when your dog does not feel good. Brown rise are most recommended dog treat.

Cooked meat:

chicken, turkey, lean ground beef are dog favorite food. Make sure meat you serve to dog is cooked accurately.

Vitamin and fiber packed vegetable:

Carrot, cucumber, lettuce, celery, broccoli, pumpkin and corn suitable raw vegetable that must be included in dog food as it provide enough amounts of vitamins and fibers.


Feed your dog with fully backed bread other than raw dough. Slat free Pretzels are also good for family dogs.


Apples, banana, watermelon, blue berries and oranges are pleasant treat for pet dog. They enjoy these foods very well.



if you want your dog get balance amount of fiber then serve bowl of cooked oatmeal as it also good for wheat allergic dogs.

12 Table scraps don’t feed your dog:


Here we make a list of all those table scraps which can affect your pet dog health.  These food become a cause of minor to major problem sometime leads toward death so be careful while feeding you pet dog.
Avocado: Avocado is not good for all pet such as cat, dog and bird because it packed with toxin that works like slow poison,
Alcohol and energy drinks: not good for dog liver and it also damage it mental health.

Onion and garlic:

it destroys red blood cells which lead to Anemia.

Tea and coffee:

these table scraps packed with caffeine which is fatal for dog health.


it human favorite but not good for dogs.


grapes and other raisins become bigger source kidney failure.

Dairy products:

avoid giving milk, ice-cream, yogurt, butter and other milky products as it become a cause of diarrhea and digestive problems.

Nuts and grains:

Macadamia nuts and grains make your dog sick.

Persimmons and plums:

Persimmons, peach. Plum and all those fruits which have pits and seeds in it not good for dog as they may block the way in their intestines.

Sugary foods:

don’t offer any item contain extra amount of sugar in it. Overweighting and dental problems are raised due to these sugary foods.

Raw egg:

You dog may not feel good after eating raw eggs which leads to food poisoning.


salt and salty products increase the thirst which causes to sodium ion poisoning.
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