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Intelligent Chimpanzee as Pet- How to Keep Them


Chimpanzee or chimps are hominidae family member native in sub-Saharan Africa. Chimpanzees are divided in two subspecies as common Chimpanzee and bonobo Chimpanzee. Common are live in north of Congo River while bonobo find in south on Congo River. Chimpanzee are larger breed grow like human beings affectionate when they are infant and they become more affectionate if you spend time whit them other adult Chimpanzee are more aggressive and harder to interact with them. Chimpanzee firstly recorded in 1738 and then it becomes popular pets breed by different celebrities and royal families. NASA also used Chimpanzee for research. Chimpanzee is amazing pet yet you feel some difficulties to keep Chimpanzee as pet.

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Chimpanzees are commonly known as greater apes. Male and female c are different in size and weights and live about more ten 30 years in captivity. They generally have black and brown hairs. Male are grown up to 150 pound while female  are little smaller than males.



Chimpanzee are intelligent as they have greater brain than human beings they easily learn anything. They as social pets love to live in closet of more than one Chimpanzee. They are active and hand on pets.   First Five to six years of Chimpanzee spend is nursery and assume adult Chimpanzee at the age of 13. Sometime teenagers Chimpanzee is difficult to control by owner as are naught and active want more to play and feeding. Chimpanzees have   impressive level of intelligent as they learn generally speaking works in earlier ages. They spent their times like human beings.



Chimpanzees have amazing nesting characteristic even they use tools to lacing their nest with tree branches. Chimpanzees have stronger bodies and powers so you have to manage as stronger enclouser as they tem become adult. They happily live indoor and outdoor space. Devote a room for their living. . Provide plenty or ropes, climbing materials, branches, swings and playing ornament that keep them active and not make them bored.

Veterinary care


Chimpanzee need regular veterinary visit so arrange Chimpanzee space in home for them for their veterinary needs.



Chimpanzee are omnivores they east both plants and meats. Provide balance diet in enough amounts as lake of food may irritate them and caused for foraging behavior. Fruits, plants, leaves, eggs, nuts and small animals like mice and amphibians are their basic food.

Heath and care


Your Chimpanzee can faced heart, dental and diabetes commonly. So closely monitored your pet and give vaccination if need and avoid o give them human food. Male and female groomed each other so give bath whenever it needed.



Chimpanzee are amazing pets as they can open doors, cook food and leads you to become ready for office, take care of home, and passes thing which you need yet it firstly need some training. Chimpanzee have flawless mind easily learn everything as they also about how to communicate with owners and human beings. You can train them that they have to dresses up and go to toilet.

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