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How You Can Have Dolphin as Friendly Pet




Dolphin is the intelligent friendly and social animal. It is the aquatic marine mammals. They can also having 43 species. In which 38 species is marine and other 5 are river dolphin.

Life span;

Their life span is 55 to 60 years.

Physical characteristics;


Dolphins are in large sized their length is approximately 13 feet but some other species size is 7 to 10 feet. They can also having 2 flippers or fins that are on their both of sides. Their skin is smoothing rubbery with black white and grey color mixture.

Personality traits;





Dolphins are intelligent and friendly fish due to their lovely behavior people keep as pet. They can leap out in the water with excited mood. They can prey fish and sea food. Basically dolphin is wild animal but their friendly behavior that attract the people to keep as pet.



Wild dolphin catches their prey in water. They can eat fish, Squid and crustaceans. When you keep as pet then provide these things.

Living area;


They can live in salty fresh water in rivers. If you keep as pet then wide space tank that filled up with salty water and provide their diet in this tank.

Health and care;


If you keep as pet then proper take care of their health. They can live in salty fresh water. So, you should provide salty water for their good health. Proper veterinary check up provide in any illness. Proper diet provide in their tank and also socialization with their pet dolphin.

Is it legal to have a pet dolphin?

Yes, it legal to domesticated dolphin keep as pet. You can keep dolphin as pet if you can having proper take care. Dolphin keep as pet firstly required a license that can permit dolphin kept in their home setting. Dolphin also required large tank of salty water. In which all instrument are fixed and provide sea atmosphere in this tank.

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