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Genets become popular one family pet   due to their delightful and appealing patterns and behaviors. They are socialized pets with cats and dogs but they do not feel well with other genets.   It not a good ideas to keep them with small pet as these are carnivores eats small animals. Genets are distantly related to cats, dogs and ferrets   yet do not feel easy with other families. It fun and entertaining pet need special care and owner interaction. Genets are Viverridae family member native to South America, Africa, Europe and Iberian Peninsula.


Small spotted genets (common genets have grainy sport, smaller in size and weighted between 1- 3 pound and found in grey and slight rusty colors)

Large spotted genets (cape genet, weighted between 3-7 pounds, dark rusted and black spotted over blond color and greater then common genets)

Rusty spotted genets (panther genets, rosette and rust sports on light blond body weighted between 4-8 pound with full growth bigger in size then other two and have two distinctive lines fall down the neck)



Generally spotted genets have thing long body and tails with are logger in length   as they bodies sizes. Shorts legs, larger round shapes ears, longer face and red brown eyes give catlike look but genets are not cats. They have semi-retractable claws like cats use for climbing and hunting small pets.

Life span

Generally genet pets live about 15-20 years in good captivity.



Genets are agile, active and extremely flexible pet have solitary nature. They are not cuddly pets love to live independently. They are great runner and climb quick runner and climbers. They frequently frightened and may harm you with their claws.  You have to bind with your pet and it best that you cannot bring any other pet if you have genets in home.



Genets ate not hand type pets secure in cages. They are I different sizes so choose larger ferret cage for your pet one. Bring them out of cage as they spend plenty of time in playing and other outdoor activities. Out on harnesses out of pet cage and wear this on hand when handling your v because they seriously hurt you body. They can erect a crest of meat form you body when they frightened.



Genets are carnivore eats small rodent, reptiles, insects and amphibians in wild live yet they feel happy in eating good quality cat food. Provide plenty of feed with mix of fruits, insects, cooked chicken, cat food, mice and small sneaks.

Is it good for you or not


Genets make good or not is totally depend over you time devotion, caring and exception toward you genets pet. Some pet owner that they are not friendly and caring pet then this one is not for you because they are solitary pets and not a hand type pet.

Genets are frequently difficult to handle by kid and young   as you have cuddy behavior for keeping them in home.

Genets have scent and anal glands use to spay during prey. It not fouls but you have to take care of it.

Gents bound to one family changes do not like by genets.

Genets have sharp claws which stretched up your body.

They extremely fast and independent loose easily.

If you easily overcome these points then genets are good pet. Enjoy best time with spotted genets.

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