Smallest Toy Poodle Puppy Care Sheet


Toy Poodle Puppy History:

After searching of American kennel club it does deserve that toy poodle puppy originate from Germany. Basically poodle re grow into three different size. Today toy poodles are consider the popular companion breeds.


Toy poodle puppies can enjoy their life at least 12 to 15 years.

Physical Appearance:


You poodle puppies has oval shape eyes, long head, liver nose, and long drop down ears. Docket style tail make puppies cute. Base coat of their skin is in these colors like black, silver, white, brown, apricot, gray, and blue.

Height and Weight:


Both male and female puppies have 10 inches height and 6 to 9 pounds weight.



Small size toy poodle puppies are intelligent trainable love pet. Smartest dog have friendly behave and develop more love with owner. These puppies make friendly attitude with other dog puppies. Two different find in pet one have shy behave and other last one are quiet that make difficult to separate them.

Give Exercise:


For making the toy poodle puppies best behavioral give them training. Take them outside home and make walk every day. If you have a fenced or yard then minimum one or two round are best for their health.



Clip the hair of toy poodle puppies after every 6 to 8 week, If you have no idea then carry them at a professional groomer. On regularly bases also check your puppy’s ear.

Heath and Care:


Like all other dog poodle puppies face the tapeworm, heartworms, and round worm’s diseases. In other health problem runny eyes, epilepsy, hip dysplasia and skin problem occur. To deal with you poodle puppy’s meal gives him small pieces of meat.


You can safe your time and money if you follow the above detail about puppy’s life. You don’t need of ant vet’s.

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